Cruel ‘Cruise Ship Bingo’ Card Shared Online

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A passenger on a P&O cruise has shared a horrible ‘bingo’ card that was posted in their cabin’s pigeonhole, which mocks several guests on the ship.

The passenger on P&O’s Azura has confirmed that it was not a targeted attack, as they also found other ‘bingo cards’ in public areas.

The slip of paper was titled “CRUISE SHIP BINGO” and asked guests how many of these they could spot:

  • Big fat fatties waddling around
  • Gigantic horrid tattoos
  • Ferocious sunburn
  • Buffet plates heaped full of food
  • Drinking before noon
  • Unruly brats who can’t behave

The customer took the paper to the Guest Services desk to complain about it, but the response was muted, with the crew thanking the customer for the feedback.

Azura Cabins

It will, of course, be a cruel prank by a disgruntled passenger who perhaps feels like the guests aren’t allowed to be tattooed or overweight.

While the post on Facebook sharing the slip has since been deleted, several cruisers commented on the rude nature of note, saying that it was “disgusting”.

I agree – I was shocked when I saw this!

If you’re ever on a cruise and you feel like you’re being harassed or mocked by other passengers, just let the crew know.

Hopefully, P&O Cruises did something more about this prankster too – they’ll have been able to find the culprit using security footage, after all.


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  1. My son had one yesterday on azura

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