Brawl Between Passengers Breaks Out On Carnival Paradise

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A brawl between passengers on Carnival Paradise has been captured in a shocking video posted to social media.

Carnival Paradise Brawl

It’s not clear from the video what caused the brawl – the person who filmed it was not involved. But it involved a group of people throwing punches and throwing chairs at each other.

Because of the nature of the fight, the video is age-restricted, so I can’t embed it – but you can view it here.

It took place in the Lido buffet, and it was a couple of minutes before the security team could reach the fight and separate the fighting passengers.

It happened on the last night of the cruise according to the passenger filming it, who had stopped by to get some pizza.

While the person filming it seemed quite enthusiastic about the fight in their narration, they did at least offer to help the crew with cleaning up the aftermath, which included overturned chairs and smashed plates.

Passenger fights aren’t too common on cruises but they can happen. Usually, guests involved in a big brawl will be kicked off the cruise but as this happened on the last day, they may have just been disembarked the following day.

However, they may have got themselves a ban from ever cruising with Carnival again.

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