A Peek Behind the Scenes: Icon of the Seas’ Crew Accommodations

When it comes to creating the ultimate vacation experience, Royal Caribbean understands the importance of having an exceptional crew. With more than 60,000 crew members from diverse backgrounds, they are the heart of every Royal Caribbean vacation.

Ariel shot of Icon of the Seas

And in the latest ‘Making an Icon’ video from Royal Caribbean, we’ve been able to get a look at the incredible new crew spaces where the hard-working staff on the new Icon of the Seas ship will live.

Designing a Home Away from Home

Building on a commitment to innovation, Royal Caribbean has placed great emphasis on the crew accommodations aboard Icon of the Seas.

The cruise line wanted to ensure that the crew feels at home and has a comfortable and private space to relax after a day of providing exceptional service to guests. To achieve this, they embarked on extensive research and consulted the crew members themselves.

Listening to the Crew’s Needs

To better understand the crew’s needs and preferences, Royal Caribbean conducted a comprehensive survey. Over 1,000 crew members, representing 25 different nationalities and positions, worked closely with architects to create their ideal cabin layout.

Mock-ups were built, allowing crew members to provide valuable feedback and insights. This collaborative effort resulted in the creation of a patented L-shaped stateroom, providing each crew member with their own private space to unwind and recharge.

Crew Spaces That Mirror Guest Spaces

In addition to the individual cabins, Royal Caribbean has also revamped the crew spaces to enhance the overall experience. The finishes, wall coverings, and amenities in the crew areas have been designed to reflect the look and feel of the guest spaces.

This cohesive approach aims to make the crew feel valued and appreciated, as they are an integral part of delivering an unforgettable vacation.

Creating a Sense of Community

Recognizing the importance of a supportive community onboard, Icon of the Seas offers various communal spaces for the crew.

The Clubhouse, located at the front of the ship, serves as a gathering place where crew members can relax, socialize, and bond as a team. With a coffee shop, lounge seating, and TVs, the Clubhouse provides a comfortable environment for the crew to unwind.

Fun and Recreation

To ensure that the crew has opportunities for leisure and recreation, Royal Caribbean has incorporated dedicated spaces for entertainment and activities. These spaces include a crew gaming room, complete with individual gaming nooks and a direct connection to the Clubhouse. There are also pool tables, ping pong tables, and foosball tables for the crew to enjoy during their downtime.

Enhanced Dining Options

Royal Caribbean understands the importance of providing quality dining options for the crew. The crew Windjammer offers a wide range of menu choices, similar to those offered to guests. Hot and cold stations, live cooking stations, and even ocean views create a dynamic and elevated dining experience for the crew.

Looking Ahead

With Icon of the Seas, Royal Caribbean is not only setting a new standard for vacations but also for the crew experience. By prioritizing the crew’s well-being, privacy, and sense of community, they aim to create the best crew experience in the world. The crew’s dedication and hard work play a vital role in creating unforgettable memories for guests.

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