Why Work From Home When You Could Work From A Ship With This Special Package?

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Virgin Voyages, one of the newest cruise lines in the world, has created a new Scarlet Summer Season Pass for anyone who wants to work from a cruise ship.

Virgin Cruise ship - Scarlet Lady

The pass is aimed at remote workers who are able to embark on a month-long cruise in the Mediterranean, so that they can still fulfill their work obligations but do so with all the luxury of a cruise around it.

The pass is available for June, July, August or September 2024 on the Scarlet Lady and includes a four-week cruise itinerary that will visit ports such as Palma de Mallorca, Cannes, and Civitavecchia for Rome.

Guests will have access to Premium WiFi with the package, which offers speeds of 1.5 Gbps, as well as a host of other extras such as a wash and fold laundry service, a daily coffee credit, and you’ll be given RockStar access, which includes an extra support team onboard and access to Richard’s Rooftop, a private lounge with Moet happy hours.

There’s also a dedicated concierge service available prior to sailing to help guests plan their month-long working adventure.

The pass, which is designed for two people sharing, costs $9,900 per person. This includes Central Sea Terrace accommodations, early booking access for restaurants and shore excursions, and a Champagne welcome onto the ship.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do my work from anywhere. When I started Virgin, I was actually working out of a houseboat. I’ve never thought of work and play as two different things; it’s all just living.

We want to give sailors that same opportunity, so we came up with this idea to have them travel the world while working aboard our beautiful ships.

Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder


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