Major Flooding Causes Widespread Cruise Cancellations

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Recent flooding on several European rivers, particularly the Danube, has caused significant disruptions, leading to multiple cruise cancellations and itinerary changes.

Danube River Cruise

High water levels have made it difficult for ships to pass under bridges, navigate through locks, and dock at ports.

Additionally, strong currents and debris carried by floodwaters pose significant safety risks.

Avalon Waterways has been forced to cancel two cruises on the lower Danube due to ship access and availability issues.

Similarly, Viking River Cruises has been updating travellers about potential itinerary adjustments on the Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers.

And TUI River Cruises has also been affected, revising itineraries to ensure current and future guests have minimal disruption.

River cruise lines are taking various measures to adapt to the flooding conditions. Some are adjusting their routes along tributaries or spending more time on less affected portions of rivers while waiting for the water levels to recede.

Others are offering alternate sailings on sister ships to their booked guests, depending on the individual circumstances of each sailing.

If you have a river cruise booked in the coming weeks, it’s crucial to stay in close contact with your cruise line. They will provide updates on potential deviations, itinerary adjustments, or cancellations.

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