Do Cruise Ships Check for Drugs?

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Smuggling recreational drugs onto a cruise ship is always a terrible idea. Not only could you get kicked off the ship, but you could also end up in prison.

If you want to bring prescription drugs on a cruise, that’s usually fine. Just put them in your hand luggage and be sure to bring a copy of your prescription with you.

However, if you want to bring medical marijuana, I recommend that you read my article about bringing marijuana on a cruise ship.

drug dog at cruise port

Can you sneak drugs onto a cruise ship?

Illegal drugs are not allowed on cruise ships. If you are caught sneaking drugs onto a cruise ship you will likely be handed over to the police and you could face a harsh sentence for drug smuggling.

Do they search for drugs on cruise ships?

Cruise lines use a variety of methods to search for illegal drugs including x-rays, metal detectors, scanners and sniffer dogs. That said, the security team’s main priority isn’t to look for drugs, as they have other things to be concerned with.

Cruise ship security teams are mostly searching for alcohol and weapons. Due to the high cost of drinks on cruise ships, a lot of people try to speak alcohol on board. And if anyone were to sneak a bomb onto a cruise ship the consequences would be disastrous.

Do they search you before a cruise?

Cruise ship passengers aren’t routinely patted down when boarding a cruise ship, although you will be asked to walk through a metal detector. If the metal detector beeps, you may either be scanned again with a hand-held metal detector or patted down by hand.

cruise port security check

Do cruise ships have body scanners?

Cruise ports don’t have the ‘nude’ body scanners that you step into and put your hand up like at airports. But they do have walk-through metal detectors to detect any hidden weapons.

Do they check your bags on a cruise ship?

When you board a cruise ship, your bags will be x-rayed to check for alcohol and weapons. At many ports, the luggage is also checked by a sniffer dog who may be trained to detect drugs and explosives.

Are there drug dogs at cruise ports?

Not all cruise ports have drug dogs present. Ports in the United States, Australia, Mexico, the Bahamas and Bermuda are most likely to have drug dogs present. Smaller ports are less likely to use sniffer dogs.

sniffer dog at cruise port

Recently, cruise lines have begun testing the use of sniffer dogs that are trained to detect passengers with COVID-19. It’s believed that these dogs can detect infected people with 97% accuracy, even in those who are asymptomatic. [Source].

How to take drugs on a cruise ship

If you plan on bringing drugs on a cruise ship, you should make sure that you also bring your prescription. That way, if there are any questions asked about the drugs, you can prove they you are legally allowed to take them.

Smuggling illegal recreational drugs like marijuana, cocaine, opiates, hallucinogens and amphetamines on cruise ships is a serious offence and it is not something that anyone should consider doing. If you’re caught, the consequences could ruin your life.

Do you get drug tested to work on a cruise ship?

Cruise ship employees are drug tested before they begin working on a cruise ship and they are also subject to random drug testing. If the cruise line suspects drug use, they will arrange additional drug tests.

Cruise lines have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drugs. If any guest or crew member is caught possessing or taking drugs, they will be sent home at the next port of call.

The bottom line

if you want to take drugs on a cruise ship, you’d better make sure that you have a prescription for them. But even with a prescription, some drugs like medical marijuana are still not allowed.

If you just want to party and have a good time, get yourself a drinks package and you can get wasted legally every day of your cruise if you want to.

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