Stormy Weather Hits Carnival Cruises This Week – Including A Pier Collision

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Stormy weather in the Caribbean region has caused some changes to Carnival’s planned cruise itineraries this week, with extended stays in port and even one ship crashing into the pier.

Carnival Magic

Both incidents occurred on Tuesday, 6th February, with high winds battering ships.

Carnival Paradise had already had to make adjustments to her itinerary, cancelling a call at Grand Cayman and instead visiting Key West.

But instead of leaving the port that day, the winds were too strong, and the ship had to remain in port overnight, departing the following morning to reach Cozumel.

Meanwhile, things were worse for Carnival Magic, which was docked in Ocho Rios. Heavy swells and strong winds meant that the pier fender collapsed, and the ship crashed into the pier.

She suffered some cosmetic damage, but all systems were unaffected, and nobody was injured, thankfully. The ship did have to move to a different pier in Ocho Rios because some guests were ashore and needed to rejoin the ship.

The ship then remained in port until Wednesday afternoon, rather than departing on Tuesday as planned, to undergo checks.

Guests were offered new shore excursion options for the Wednesday if they wanted to book a new tour, but they also had the option of leaving the ship independently and exploring, or staying onboard and enjoying the ship’s facilities.

It’s unclear whether excursions were offered for Carnival Paradise guests in Key West, but the ship did have to close the casino and retail stores due to local regulations. The crew did arrange some additional activities to help keep guests busy.

Several cruise lines have been forced to adjust their itineraries in recent weeks due to poor weather in the Caribbean.

Guests are advised to book travel insurance that includes port cancellation cover if they want to be reimbursed. Otherwise, they would only get any lost excursions refunded.


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  1. Our first port was ocho ríos and we had to dock at an industrial port due to the other one crashing into the port. Delayed everything. I had wondered what had happened

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