Cruise Passenger Banned For Life After DANGEROUS Stunt

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A Carnival cruise passenger has been banned from the company for life after climbing over their balcony railing.

Carnival Jubilee

The incident occurred on the 30th December 2023 cruise on Carnival Jubilee, the cruise line’s brand-new ship.

As filmed by another passenger, the woman climbs over her balcony and stands on the roof area adjacent which covers a public area, before then hopping back onto the railing and climbing into her room.


“Our security team on Carnival Jubilee identified the guests involved in this matter, and those guests will no longer be sailing on Carnival ships. The safety of everyone on board is our priority and we do not tolerate this behavior.” #carnivalcruise #carnivaljubilee #bannedfromcruising #cruisetok #fyp #foryou #viralvideo #badcruisebehavior

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It’s not clear why the woman decided to climb onto the roof – you can’t tell from the video if she’s trying to retrieve something she dropped or is just feeling daring.

In a statement, the cruise line confirmed that it had identified the “guests” involved and that they would no longer be permitted to cruise on Carnival’s ships. Presumably, this includes the other guest(s) in the cabin.

The guest was extremely lucky, as if they had slipped then they could have fallen off the roof area either onto a lower deck or into the ocean, with potentially tragic consequences.

Never climb over a balcony railing as not only are you risking your future on that cruise line, but you’re risking your life too!


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