Seven Cruise Ships Dock At A Single Destination In Record-Breaking Day

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Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, has marked a milestone in its history with the busiest day in its history in terms of ship visits.

Nassau Cruise Port with Seven Cruise Ships
Photo credit: Official Nassau Cruise Port Facebook Page

An incredible seven cruise ships visited the port in a single day on 12th March 2024, with 20,009 passengers onboard in total. Never before has the port had seven ships berthed on the same day.

This record-breaking day came just 10 months after the cruise port was re-opened with several upgrades, including six revamped births, capable of hosting the biggest Icon-class and Oasis-class ships in the world.

However, the biggest Royal Caribbean ship that visited on 12th March was a Freedom-class ship, Independence of the Seas.

It’s worth noting that the number of passengers did not set a record – there have been days with fewer ships but more passengers, when the larger Royal Caribbean and Carnival ships have arrived in port together.

There was one other Royal Caribbean ship in port that day, the much smaller Vision of the Seas. Carnival Cruise Lines had three ships in Nassau that day – Carnival Liberty, Carnival Paradise and Carnival Elation.

The other two ships completing the berths were the Disney Wish and the Sea Cloud Spirit, a sailing ship owned by Sea Cloud Cruises.

This is a historic moment for The Bahamas and Nassau Cruise Port. It’s the first time we’ve had seven ships in port on the same day. This achievement is all thanks to a lot of teamwork. I have to give a big shout-out to the Nassau Harbour Pilot Association – they did a fantastic job maneuvering these vessels into port.

Marquez Williams, Nassau Cruise Port’s operations manager

The previous record of six ships berthed on a single day was first set on 2nd March 2022, when six ships could dock at once.

With the renovation in 2023, the port is now capable of hosting a maximum of around 33,000 passengers per day.


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