Carnival Cruise Director Favorite Jonathan ‘Cookie’ Adams Announces Departure

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Jonathan ‘Cookie’ Adams, one of Carnival Cruise Line’s most popular Cruise Directors, has announced that he is stepping down from his position and leaving the company.

In a statement on social media, he has confirmed that he has decided to move on from the role and find his next challenge, although he admits he doesn’t know what that is yet.

Adams has been working for Carnival for nine years, and in that time has worked on some of the biggest ships in the fleet. He was just about to start a position on Mardi Gras for the winter.

He was also due to work on Carnival Magic next year, though it’s unclear exactly when his employment will end. It seems likely that he won’t be fulfilling the roles on either of these ships.

Fans and colleagues were quick to reply to his social media post showing their support and love, including John Heald, the Carnival Brand Ambassador who had previously worked as a Cruise Director.

Heald’s response to Cookie’s Facebook post

Any former Carnival guests who wish to thank Cookie for his time as Cruise Director can do so on his Facebook page.


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