Be Careful What You Share Online – Carnival Guest Loses $10,000 With Cancelled Cruise!

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A woman has shared her story of losing $10,000 on her Carnival cruise booking after sharing her booking details online.

Carnival Celebration

Tiffany Banks and her partner had booked a luxury cruise in a Presidential Excel Suite onboard Carnival Celebration, one of the biggest ships in the fleet, for a total cost of around $13,000.

But she was confused when she received emails telling her that two of her booked shore excursions had been cancelled, without any reason provided.

She called the cruise line to ask what had happened and was told that the excursions were cancelled because the suite had been cancelled by someone logging into the online portal.

The cruise line was unable to rebook the couple in the suite, and their best offer was for two Interior cabins.

Banks and her partner later realised what likely happened – that they shared their vacation countdown email on social media, accidentally revealing their booking number.

@thathippiedoc We will never book with carnival again … #carnival #celebration #carnivalcelebration ♬ original sound – Tiffany Banks

All you need to log into a booking and make changes is that booking number and the lead passenger’s surname – meaning it’s probable someone saw the information and decided to log in, cancelling the cruise.

Originally Carnival refused to refund Banks, as the error was not on the cruise line’s side. However, following Banks sharing her story online, the cruise line has offered a $10,000 Future Cruise Credit as compensation.


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  1. They walk among us!! After all the warnings about social media the lady who put personal details including her cruise reservation number on social media must be really dim, evidently, someone has logged into her account using her details and cancelled her cruise and she has the cheek to blame Carnival Cruise Lines for her own foolish mistake, now she is publicly denouncing Carnival Cruises on Cruise Mummy even though Carnival are not at fault, she should read the small print before denouncing the cruise line who have offered very generous compensation of $10,000 Future Cruise Credit, she should take it and stop showing herself up

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