Why Kids Love Marella Cruises

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Marella Cruises is a great cruise line for lots of different people. There’s an adults-only ship if you want a more relaxed experience, but the rest of the fleet welcomes families of all ages, with plenty to enjoy no matter whether you’re 8 or 80.

Marella Family Cruises

And if you are travelling with kids, you’ll find that they love the floating resort of a Marella ship for their school holiday getaways.

There are plenty of reasons why, and you can read up on what makes Marella great for families in my guide.

But let’s take a specific look at the reasons kids love Marella – so you can see, from their perspective, why a Marella cruise could be the perfect family escape.

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All-Inclusive Food & Drinks

When it comes to feeding hungry little adventurers, Marella Cruises has got it covered! Imagine a world where the ice cream flows like a river, and the pizza oven never cools down – that’s the delicious reality onboard.

From breakfast to bedtime snacks, there’s a buffet bursting with treats to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

And let’s not forget the drinks! With all-inclusive onboard, kids can sip on fruity mocktails by the pool or indulge in endless soft drinks without worrying about the bill. They don’t need to pester you to convince you to pay for another lemonade, since they can enjoy it on tap – literally.

So whether it’s a pancake breakfast, a midday ice cream fix, or a late-night pizza party, Marella Cruises keeps hunger at bay and taste buds tingling every step of the way.

They will love the freedom to enjoy what they want, when they want it (within reason) and to be able to indulge in all the soft drinks they want too.

Plenty of Leisure Facilities

On a Marella Cruise, the fun never stops, thanks to a treasure trove of leisure facilities that’ll keep kids entertained from dawn till dusk.

When it’s time to cool off, dive into the shimmering pool or splash around in the dedicated kids’ pool (on select ships) – a paradise just for pint-sized pirates.

And for those who prefer pixels to pools, head to the gamer zones equipped with consoles galore, where gaming battles await. It’s a great zone when kids needs a quiet place to unwind and make friends outside the kids clubs (more on those shortly).

Feeling sporty? Challenge your shipmates to a game of basketball or football on the sports court, or show off your skills at table tennis.

There’s also a minigolf course available on the outdoor deck, the ideal place for the kids to show their superiority over their parents.

And when the lights dim, gather the crew for movie night at the onboard cinema – there are always some fantastic family-friendly options showing to suit all tastes.

With endless ways to play, Marella Cruises turns every moment into a whirlwind of excitement and adventure for younger guests.

Clubs For All Ages

The Kids’ Clubs aboard Marella Cruises are always popular with younger guests, from babies all the way up to teenagers. With spaces designed for every age and stage, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Marella Cruises M Club

For the tiniest travellers, the Mini M Club (available on select ships) is a haven of cuddles and creativity, catering to babies and toddlers with a range of gentle activities and playtime fun. From sensory exploration to sing-alongs, trained staff ensure every moment is filled with joy and laughter, though parents will need to stick around for these activities.

Meanwhile, the M Club welcomes 3 to 11-year-olds to a world of wonder and excitement. With a jam-packed schedule of games, crafts, and themed adventures, there’s never a dull moment in this lively hub of activity. From pirate parties to superhero showdowns, every day brings a new opportunity for imaginative play and friendship.

And for the coolest cruisers aged 12 and up, the Hideout is the ultimate hangout spot. With chill zones, gaming consoles, and teen-friendly activities, it’s the perfect place to kick back, relax, and make memories with newfound friends. Your teens will love having their own space away from the grown ups, too.

So whether you’re travelling with a baby, a budding explorer, or a seasoned teen adventurer, Marella Cruises has the perfect club for you.

Amazing Destinations & Excursions

Kids will love the places you’ll take them when you book a Marella cruise. There are loads of exciting options across both sides of the Atlantic and further afield too, whether they love spending time on the beach or exploring cool new cities.

And it’s not just about walking tours or downtime either – there are plenty of thrilling excursions that kids will adore too, including plenty of adventurous opportunities for teens who are chasing that excitement – a day in a theme park maybe, or whitewater rafting?

While your young adventurers will love the ship they sail on, there’s so much more to a Marella cruise too when you factor in the places they’ll get to see and the memories you’ll make together ashore.

Final Word

Setting sail with Marella Cruises isn’t just a holiday – it’s a voyage of discovery, excitement, and endless fun for the whole family.

From the moment you step onboard, you’re welcomed into a world where adventure knows no bounds and every day is filled with new experiences.

From all-inclusive feasts to action-packed leisure facilities and vibrant kids clubs, there’s never a dull moment onboard for younger guests. Whether they’re splashing in the pool, making new friends in the clubs, or embarking on thrilling excursions to exotic destinations, every moment is an opportunity for wonder.

Discover great summer holiday cruise options with Marella

Flights, drinks, tips and more all included in the fare!

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