The Cost Of Loving Crisis – Could a Cruise Be The Solution For Soaring Date Night Prices?

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A new study commissioned by Princess Cruises has revealed the rising costs of dating for British couples, and has dubbed the situation the ‘Cost of Loving’ crisis.

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The study has revealed that the average British couple now spends up to £3,531.20 every year on dates to keep the romantic feelings flowing, with the average date working out at £136 per couple.

The cruise line has sought the advice of Vicki Pavitt, a love, dating and relationship coach, who has suggested five practical solutions to help couples navigate the rising costs of date nights:

Connection Rituals

Pavitt suggests setting rituals that help you celebrate each other in different ways, such as a weekly gratitude activity or where you have a travel planning night and discuss the places you want to visit together – ideally on one cruise!

Making Time

It’s important to make time for each other, even if it’s only smaller events that you do together at home, such as playing a board game or baking together.

Switching Environments

Holiday planning is an excellent idea since it can help to break you out of the norm and strengthen your bond together while experiencing new things.

Date Banking

Pavitt suggests that date banking could be the solution – instead of spending £3,500 on dates, put half of that towards a cruise holiday with Princess and discover the incredible dates you could go on in a condensed period of time. If you fit 30 different date ideas into a 5-night cruise, it could work out at just £26.50 per date!

Balancing Romance with Family

If you have kids, then you should incorporate them into the fun, especially with holiday planning. Prioritising time as a couple is important, but letting the kids also contribute to your cruise plans can foster that family bond too.

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