Oceania Cruises Dress Code & What To Pack

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Oceania Cruises has no specific dress code. This is quite unlike other cruise lines, particularly those operating in the luxury and ultra-luxury cruise industry. 

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Oceania Cruises recommends that onboard clothing is resort-club or country-club casual.

For evening dining, elegant casual resort wear is suggested. But not too casual. The cruise line requests that casual jeans, shorts, t-shirts, baseball caps, sandals and tennis shoes should not be worn in the restaurants after 6 pm.

This more casual attire is becoming more popular in the cruise industry and certainly appeals to a younger demographic.

Younger couples and families may find that Oceania Cruises is the perfect balance between luxury cruising and resort-casual atmosphere when on board the fleet of luxury small ships.

Oceania Cruises no longer offers any formal nights

For dinner, it is recommended for gentlemen to wear dress pants and a collared t-shirt and for ladies a skirt and a blouse. This may seem controversial to those cruisers who are avid fans of formal or traditional-style cruising but many travellers nowadays are leaning more towards casual cruising. 

Although there are no official formal nights hosted aboard Oceania Cruises, guests are absolutely welcome to wear formal clothing to dinner each evening.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoy dressing up a bit more in the evenings, feel free to wear any formal attire that you wish.

This inclusive approach to dress code aboard Oceania Cruises is what appeals to many cruisers – it’s one of the reasons why so many customers stay loyal to Oceania.

You don’t have to dress up

A woman in a chic zebra-print cover-up and sunglasses poses with a tropical drink by a cruise ship pool, with a man enjoying the water in the background, capturing the leisurely poolside ambiance.

As Oceania Cruises offers no formal nights, it is not essential to dress up. However, if you prefer to dress formally, you are welcome to do so.

Oceania Cruises recommends onboard clothing is resort- or country-club casual throughout the daytime. This can include shorts and flip-flops by the pool throughout the day and light cover-ups at the pool bar is recommended.

For breakfast and lunch, the dress code remains fairly casual but still in keeping with the resort-style atmosphere.

Ensure that you cover up appropriately when attending breakfast and lunch — swimwear is not appropriate for any dining venue on board Oceania Cruises no matter the time of day.

How to dress for dinner

Elegant dining scene on a cruise with couples enjoying meals and toasting glasses of wine, with a serene ocean view in the background, portraying a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere.

Oceania has a relaxed dress code for dinner, casual elegance, stylish yet comfortable, which is perfect for a laidback evening.

Ultimately, Oceania Cruises wants guests to feel comfortable and relaxed whilst on holiday, without having to worry about what to wear each day. 

For example, ladies dress at dinner could include a skirt or slacks with a blouse or sweater, a pantsuit or a dress.

For gentlemen, slacks and a collared shirt are recommended during evening meal times.

What To Pack For An Oceania Cruise

Open suitcase packed with travel essentials: colorful clothing, instant camera with photo, sun hat, face masks, hand sanitizer, and travel documents, symbolizing readiness for a safe and enjoyable journey.

Ladies Packing List

As you know by now, the dress code is elegant casual, for ladies it is recommended this is what you pack.

A cocktail dress or skirt and blouses for The Grand Dining Room and specialty restaurants. Blouses and nice shorts for a relaxed evening at Terrace Cafè.

They recommend bringing a handful of sundresses which are perfect for transitioning from daytime to evening to dress up with a wrap or cardigan. 

For the daytime, pack options of casual shirts and tank tops to pair with shorts or pants these options are also great for excursions.

For accessories, it’s recommended to bring a light cardigan or wrap if you plan to dine ashore and a small clutch or crossbody bag to carry your essentials around with you in the daytime or evening.

When it comes to footwear, it’s recommended to bring small-heeled shoes on board — high-heeled stilettos can be dangerous on a cruise ship so ensure that you’re comfortable with your evening footwear.

During the daytime, ladies can wear whatever they feel most comfortable in, which might range from flip flops or sandals to trainers and wedges.

Also bear in mind the destination you are visiting! If you are taking part in active excursions, make sure to bring appropriate walking footwear, flexible and comfortable clothing and waterproof jackets or trousers. If you are island hopping in the summer, don’t forget hats, sunglasses and light cover-ups to protect yourself from the sun.

Gentlemens Packing List

Oceania Cruises recommends bringing dress pants, collared shirts and a sports jacket or blazer for The Grand Dining Room and any specialty restaurants where you plan to dine. Bring a pair of khakis or nice shorts with cotton shirts for a lovely evening in the Terrace Cafè. 

For excursions, Oceania Cruises recommends that you pack a handful of casual shorts or pants and lightweight t-shirts – quick-drying shirts are best suited for the tropical regions.

As with the ladies packing list suggestions above, be mindful of the destination you are visiting, the excursions you wish to take part in and the weather and climate. Cover up appropriately in the sun (hats, sunglasses, light sleeved tops) and protect yourself from the elements in cooler climes (waterproofs, boots or walking shoes and additional layers).

Packing List for Everyone

Oceania Cruises recommends this is what everyone should pack for their journey… 

A bathing suit and a quick-drying cover-up. If you plan to swim a lot bring a handful of options.

Pyjamas, undergarments and socks.

Pack a variety of shoes e.g. sneakers, sandals, and especially comfortable walking shoes for your excursions.

A light jacket or fleece and a waterproof jacket for Alaska and regions with changeable climates.

Make sure to pack a sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen for the warmer regions.

Daypack if you are planning on boating excursions or water activities and definitely don’t forget mosquito repellent for tropical destinations.

Packing Essentials

Packing for a cruise

These may seem like the obvious items to bring but you would be surprised with how many people forget them, take a look and make sure you have everything you need for your trip.

The most obvious item to bring is of course your passport and another form of ID such as a drivers licence. Bring cash (small bills are helpful) and your visa if necessary. Pack your credit card in case of an emergency but be sure to notify them of your travels. 

Bring a copy of emergency numbers and important documents such as the front page of your passport, airline tickets and hotel confirmations.

Pack any medications and toiletries needed. Don’t forget the necessary technology such as your phone and tablet, and don’t forget to pack charging cables for all your devices. It is helpful to bring a portable phone charger for when you are onshore.

If you want to capture your memories on one device, pack a camera, extra SD card and batteries. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to capture unforgettable memories to show the family when you get home!

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