Marella Discovery Fire – Cruise Cancelled

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A fire broke out onboard Marella Cruises’ Marella Discovery last week, causing the cancellation of the cruise and the following sailing set to depart last Sunday.

Marella Discovery

The fire broke out in the early hours of Friday, 7th July, in the engine room, and was contained to only one engine. It was quickly extinguished, and the passengers and crew were completely unharmed.

However, due to the damage caused to the ship, she had to return to Amber Cove (where she had visited the previous day) to await inspection and repairs, with guests being flown home to the UK.

The incident was severe enough that the ship could not be repaired in time for the 9th July sailing from Port Canaveral, meaning that itinerary also had to be cancelled.

Passengers from both sailings were being offered either full or pro-rated refunds, depending on how much of their cruise had been affected. Any unfulfilled shore excursions booked via the cruise line were also automatically refunded, too.

Once again, we’re sorry we haven’t been able to deliver the holiday you expected. We’d also like to thank you for your understanding and for your support for the crew – they are working hard to give you the best possible experience

Marella Cruises Statement

Cruise ship fires are very rare and sometimes are so minor that they barely impact the cruise itinerary at all. However, when there is damage to a ship’s engine, it severely impacts the ability to sail at the speeds necessary to complete an itinerary.

It’s terrible news for those who were due to fly out at the weekend and had their cruise cancelled with 24 hours’ notice, but it shows the importance of travel insurance, and the good news is that nobody was hurt during the incident.

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