Don’t Misbehave – Cruise Line Sends Out Warning Letter To Guests Before Spring Break Season

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Carnival Cruise Lines has sent out a letter to passengers on cruises during the spring break season, to remind them of their responsibilities and to reiterate several policies that could impact guests.

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The two-page (!) letter has been sent to all Carnival guests cruising in March and April, telling customers that they must be respectful and considerate during their cruise and that those guests who break the rules could face consequences, including having their cruise cut short.

The letter reminds guests that they can’t bring alcohol onboard, nor are they permitted drugs even if marijuana is legal in their home state. Smoking is permitted but only in designated areas, with $500 fines issued to anyone smoking elsewhere or throwing cigarette butts overboard.

We want you to have a fun vacation but please remember a cruise ship is a shared space. Our experience has taught us that everyone has a better time when children are supervised, noise in the hallways is kept to a minimum, guests follow queues, and that a spirit of community and neighborliness is shown by all.

Colleen Oliverio, Carnival Cruise Line’s VP Guest – Services

The letter also details how guests can’t reserve loungers using towels if they aren’t using them, and reminds guests that speakers brought onboard will be confiscated, to ensure that all guests can hear public announcements onboard.

This isn’t a first for the cruise line – it sent out a similar letter to guests last year. However, it is an unusual move that seems to be specific to Carnival in the cruise world, due to the cruise line’s reputation for party cruises and cheap fares that can result in guests misbehaving more.

But other popular spring break destinations are at least taking some action, particularly in Florida, with Miami adding curfews and more patrols to help manage crowds during the season.


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