Cruise Ships Listed For Sale (Here’s How Much They Cost)

When you choose to book a cruise on one of the oldest ships in a cruise line’s fleet – you’re taking a risk. 

While older cruise ships will always be safe and sound, you might spot some worn furnishings that are unlikely to be replaced. But that’s not the main issue. Far from it.

Many older cruise ships are listed for sale.

A sleek new cruise ship anchored in calm blue waters with a bright 'FOR SALE' sign displayed prominently on its upper deck, under a clear sky.

But despite this, cruise lines are still taking bookings for cruises that don’t depart for another two years or more. Will these cruises actually depart? Who knows. If they don’t, then your booking will be transferred to a newer, better ship. So you won’t lose out.

Here are the cruise ships that are listed for sale right now (with prices).

1. Marella Discovery (Formerly Splendour of the Seas)

Asking Price: $130,000,000

Marella Discovery

Marella Discovery, originally known as Splendor of the Seas, was a shining addition to the cruise world in 1996 when she first launched for Royal Caribbean as the first ship in its Vision Class.

Accommodating 2,074 guests, Marella Discovery boasts an array of features that blend thrill and relaxation. She offers a rock climbing wall and two pools, a fully-equipped fitness centre, jogging track, and a tranquil spa and beauty salon.

Currently, despite being listed for sale, Marella Discovery continues to sail and itineraries are available to book up to October 2025.

If you do have a cruise booked on this ship, don’t worry. Marella Cruises has four more ships available for you, including the almost identical Marella Discovery 2. So your cruise is unlikely to be affected much if the sale goes through before then.

The ship suffered a fire in 2023 which resulted in the cancellation of two cruises. But repairs were carried out and there have been no known issues since.

This 27-year-old cruise ship has been very well maintained and is very popular with couples and families alike. And if a buyer does come along with the required $130 million, she’s likely to sail for many more years to come.

2. P&O Oriana (Now MV Piano Land)

Asking Price: $45,000,000

The P&O Oriana cruise ship, with its distinctive blue funnel and British flag design on the bow, cruising on the open sea under a clear blue sky.

Oriana first set sail for P&O Cruises in 1995. She was sold in 2019 and has since sailed as MV Piano Land for the Chinese cruise line Astro Ocean.

This ship has been a favourite for many British cruise enthusiasts over the years, but now could be yours for the relatively low price of $45 million. That’s less than half the price of Marella Discovery.

So, is this ship a real bargain?  Or has she not been looked after quite as well since heading over to China?

Oriana had a maximum guest capacity of 1,928. When she launched, she was the largest passenger vessel to have ever been built in Germany. The 12 decks host a variety of features, including a cinema, ballroom, casino, spa, tennis court and an impressive four-deck-high atrium that features a 12-metre waterfall.

3. Majesty of the Seas (Now Majesty for Seajets)

Asking Price: $45,000,000

Royal Caribbean's 'Majesty of the Seas' cruise ship, easily identified by its name on the hull, cuts through the blue waters, topped with green-striped decks under a partly cloudy sky.

Majesty of the Sea launched in 1992 for Royal Caribbean International. The ship last sailed just before the global shutdown in March 2020. She was purchased by the Greek ferry operator Seajets in early 2021 and has been laid up in Greece since then.

Originally part of the RCCL Sovereign class, Majesty of the Seas can accommodate 2,744 guests. Features included two swimming pools, four hot tubs, a poolside movie screen, a casino, a basketball court, a rock-climbing wall and a kids’ water play area.

It’s currently unknown what Seajets’ plans are for this ship. The company has acquired eight cruise ships of different types and sizes, many of which are now for sale.

But, despite this, Seajets has recently started hiring for marketing, sales and commercial roles, causing some to speculate that the company may be about to launch its own cruise line.

Perhaps the plan by businessman Marios Iliopoulos, owner of Seajets, was to buy up old ships when they are cheap, keep the best ones and sell the others for a profit?

After all, he did manage to double his money by buying Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ Magellan for $3.4 million when the company went bust and then selling it for scrap. 

4. P&O Oceana (Now Queen of the Oceans for Seajets)

Asking Price: $79,000,000

P&O Oceana

Oceana was an incredibly popular P&O Cruises ship from 2002 to 2020. The ship was first launched for Princess Cruises as Ocean Princess in 2000, before being transferred to sister-company P&O Cruises just two years later.

Another ship that never sailed again after the global shutdown, Oceana was the first of the eight cruise ships purchased by the Greek ferry company, Seajets. She’s been laid up in Greece ever since and we do not know if she will sail again for Seajets, or perhaps sail for another cruise line.

Capable of hosting up to 2,272 passengers, this ship has 11 passenger-accessible decks. At the centre of the ship is a magnificent atrium, complete with palm trees, marble staircase and gleaming glass lifts. There are four swimming pools, six whirlpools and a sports court which is housed inside the ship’s funnel.

5. Costa Magica (Now Mykonos Magic for Seajets)

Asking Price: On Request

The Costa Magica cruise ship embarks on a voyage, its white and yellow colors standing out against a dramatic sky with a faint rainbow visible in the distance.

Mykonos Magic is another ship that Seajets has picked up, but this ship almost had a very different journey. She started life as the Costa Magica, launching for Costa Cruises in 2004 and successfully sailing for the cruise line for almost 20 years.

Then, in 2021, it was announced that Costa Magica would transfer to sister brand Carnival Cruise Line, and be rebranded as a Carnival ship with a makeover and new name. But then one year later, the decision was reversed and it was decided that Costa Luminosa would instead transfer to the Carnival fleet.

Costa Magica then sailed for Costa for 9 more months before being sold to Seajets. She has a passenger capacity of 2,718 and 13 decks, with four swimming pools and five hot tubs, along with a sports court and multiple restaurant spaces.

6. Holland America Veendam (Now Aegean Majesty for Seajets)

Asking Price: $39,000,000

The Holland America Veendam cruise ship, featuring its dark hull and white superstructure, glides by a coastline bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun.

The last of the Seajets ships up for sale is Aegean Majesty, which formerly sailed for Holland America Line as the MS Veendam. She was first built in 1996 and completed 24 years of cruising for her parent brand before the global shutdown.

She then never resumed cruising, as Seajets purchased her in July of 2020 along with her sister ship Maasdam. Later that year, while diced in Corinth, she broke her moorings and was grounded on a sandbank, though she was later refloated without any damage.

She has a maximum passenger capacity of 1,350, and while she is a smaller ship she does have plenty of good facilities including an attractive pool deck with whirlpools, a basketball court and a spacious theatre.

7. AIDAvita (Now Blue Dream Melody for Blue Dream Cruises)

Asking Price: $50,000,000

The AIDAvita cruise ship docked at port, with its distinctive eye-catching blue wave design along the hull, as passengers gather on the decks against a backdrop of a mountainous coastline.

The second ship ever built for German cruise line AIDA Cruises, the former AIDAvita is now sailing as the Blue Dream Melody for Chinese company Blue Dream International. She first launched in 2002 and sailed for AIDA until 2023, when she was sold to an unnamed buyer.

She was rechristened Avitak and was laid up in Tallinn, Estonia. But then just a few months later in January 2024, she was purchased by Blue Dream International.

It’s unclear if this 1,266-passenger ship is now being sold on again just a short time later, or if the sale just hasn’t fully gone through, but it is listed as available. 

8. Blue Dream Star for Blue Dream Cruises

Asking Price: $46,000,000

The Blue Dream Star cruise ship of Blue Dream Cruises, showcasing its vibrant blue hull and white superstructure, makes its way along a calm river flanked by greenery.

Blue Dream Star has quite the storied history as a passenger ship. She was originally launched as the Olympia Explorer in 2001, but then had her name shortened to Explorer where she served in the Semester at Sea programme, where students in American universities sail on the ship for a semester to learn as they travel the world.

The ship then entered service for Celestyal Cruises but only for one year, with her three-year contract terminated early.

She was sold in 2016 to Diamond Cruises International, a Chinese cruise line, and was rechristened as the Glory Sea. But then, due to unpaid crew wages, the ship was arrested and sold off at auction – Blue Dream International bought her in 2020, and then began sailing her in 2023 from Shanghai.

The ship has a capacity of 836, one swimming pool, 8 lounges and bars and 2 restaurants.

9. Oceania Regatta or Insignia

Asking Price: $150,000,000

The Oceania Regatta cruise ship sails gracefully near a city waterfront during dusk, its lights beginning to twinkle against the settling evening sky.

It’s unclear which of these two ships is currently on sale, since they are identical twins that were both built in the same year for the same cruise line. Perhaps both are, but under one listing? Both ships were originally launched in 1998 for Renaissance Cruises as R One (Insignia) and R Two (Regatta). 

Regatta was leased to Cruiseinvest in 2002 where, confusingly, she was christened as Insignia. She then moved to Oceania in 2003 and became Regatta, with R One joining a year later and becoming the new Insignia. Regatta has sailed for Oceania ever since – Insignia was leased to Hapag-Lloyd for two years in 2012 before returning to Oceania.

These luxury ships accommodate 824 passengers at max (698 at double occupancy) and they each have a teak pool deck with whirlpools. There are several restaurants onboard, a premium spa area and several bars on each.

10. Norwegian Majesty (Now Crown Iris for Mano Maritime)

Asking Price: $15,000,000

Promotional image of the Crown Iris cruise ship, labeled 'THE NEXT GENERATION' with a backdrop of clear blue skies and mountains, symbolizing the newest addition to the Mano Cruise fleet.

The MS Crown Iris may appear to be something of a bargain at ‘just’ $15 million, but she’s had quite the history, too.

She was first launched in 1992 for Majesty Cruise Line as the Royal Majesty, being christened by Liza Minnelli. Three years into service, she ran aground near Nantucket Island due to faults from the crew, and while no one was hurt, damages and lost revenue amounted to $7 million.

When Majesty Cruise Line closed in 1997, she was sold to Norwegian Cruise Line and became Norwegian Majesty. She was lengthened by 110 feet when she was remodelled. She was later sold to Louis Cruise Lines in 2008, but completed one more year of service for NCL under charter.

As Louis Majesty, the ship was hit by three rogue waves in 2009, killing two people and injuring several others.

She was chartered to Thomson Cruises in 2012, and in 2013 suffered another incident when a lifeboat fell during a safety drill, killing three crew members. She has also since sailed for Celestyal Cruises before Mano Maritime purchased her in 2018.

The ship can accommodate 1,460 passengers at double occupancy or 1,970 in total. She has 11 decks and a number of family-friendly features, including two pools, a water slide and a splash pool for kids.

Final Word

Those are some notable ships that are up for sale. Maybe you’re rich and considering starting a cruise line, and one of these takes your fancy?

In all seriousness, just be aware that if you do book a cruise on these ships, there’s a chance plans could change if it is sold, though ship sales can take some time – so don’t assume that it means that your voyage is immediately cancelled.

And maybe one day, I’ll arrange a whip-round of everyone who visits my website and we’ll buy a ship together!

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