Cruise Guest Claims To Have Tricked Their Way Onto A Sold Out Cruise

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Cruises will often sell out, especially on popular itineraries and ships, but one person on Reddit claims they found a sneaky hack to secure themselves a place onboard.

Normally for a sold out cruise, your only hope is to keep looking for spaces to become available. Some cruise lines may let you add your name to a waiting list too, though you’d need to call them.

But this person claims they managed to trick people into cancelling by using their bigotry against them.

The passenger, who admits to being gay, said that they created a fake Facebook account as a “super conservative woman” and then joined the Facebook page for that cruise.

Passengers will often create Facebook pages for individual sailings to allow guests to meet each other online beforehand, ask any questions, and get to know their future shipmates.

But this passenger claims that once they had joined they posted a lie, saying that they had heard it was a gay cruise and there would be a large group of gay people travelling.

They said that they knew there would be bigoted people in the group who would cancel – and sure enough, the next morning they were able to find a cabin which was now available.

They do claim to feel “kind of guilty” but they said they had a fantastic cruise.

So – ingenious, or wrong?


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3 thoughts on “Cruise Guest Claims To Have Tricked Their Way Onto A Sold Out Cruise”

  1. Wrong to cheat to get on cruise.

    I would prefer that such stories were not published in case other potential cheats are so selfish and try to copy.

  2. For someone like mewhy is it getting very expensive to cruise i have done 3 with P&O i have retired.I have always wanted to go on a carrabean cruise but it looks impossible.

  3. what a jerk thing to do.

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