Titanic 2 May Be Happening After All… Australian Billionaire Revives The Project

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Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire who announced over 10 years ago that he intended to build a fully working replica of the Titanic for cruises, has now revived the project and claimed that it will be happening.

Titanic 2 render

Palmer, a former member of parliament in Australia who made his fortune in the mining industry, had previously announced that he wanted to build Titanic II to the same specifications as the original ship, with some minor modifications.

He is the chairman of Blue Star Line, a cruise line based in Brisbane that shares a similar name to White Star Line, the company that built and operated the first Titanic.

Speaking at the Sydney Opera House, Palmer set out his plans for the new ship, but did not specify a timeline for when it would be built.

He confirmed that three new partners had joined the project – Deltamarin, a ship design firm from Finland; V. Ships, a ship management services company; and Tillberg Design, an interior design company from Switzerland.

The Titanic II will measure 56,000 gross tons, which is around 10,000 more than the original Titanic, but otherwise the specifications are similar – she will be one foot shorter than the original ship, and have the exact same guest capacity of 2,435.

She will, of course, have enough lifeboats for everyone onboard.

Titanic II is envisaged to sail transatlantic cruises between New York and Southampton, as the original ship would’ve, but also more global voyages as well.

She will have a bridge that is identical to the original Titanic, but with much more modern technology onboard including contemporary safety and navigation systems. But the ship will rely on diesel engines instead of cleaner, modern fuel types, and she will have four smoke stacks like the original ship.

We are very pleased to announce that after unforeseen global delays, we have re-engaged with partners to bring the dream of Titanic ll to life. Let the journey begin.

Clive Palmer, chairman of Blue Star Line

Few other details were confirmed about the ship, but she will have first class, second class and third class accommodation options, and it’s estimated she will cost between $500 million and $1 billion.


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