The Best Two-Week Cruises With Marella – Why Cruise For Longer?

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When you’re booking a cruise, one of the big decisions you’ll need to make is just how long you want to travel for.

Marella Voyager

Cruises offer a wide range of durations, with some cruise lines offering mini breaks of just a few days, right up to world cruises that can last six months or more!

With Marella Cruises, most of the itineraries offered last for around a week, but there are several cruises that last up to two weeks as well, and these are very special experiences.

In this guide I’ll take you through your options for a longer cruise with Marella and what makes them so special.

Explore Marella’s exciting two-week itineraries

Includes flights, overseas transfers, tips and drinks – incredible value!

Are all Marella cruises two weeks long?

Most Marella cruises last for 7 nights. You’ll fly out and board the ship on the same day, then enjoy a relaxing cruise for a week before disembarking and heading home.

Part of the reason for that is because Marella doesn’t offer cruises from the UK. You will always fly out to meet the ship, meaning you’re right at the heart of the excitement – so there are fewer sea days.

Marella Cruises Beach Break & Snorkel

On a 7-night Marella cruise, you’ll typically have no more than two sea days, with most having one or none at all – so you’re always seeing new and exciting ports of call.

However, there are also plenty of amazing options for a longer cruise with Marella too. And you still get the same benefits of being whisked to the destination, it just means more time seeing different ports, and more time to relax.

So, in summary, no – not all Marella cruises are two weeks long, but there are plenty of these available and they are absolutely worth checking out.

The benefits of longer cruises

So, why book a longer cruise?

The obvious answer is because you get more time to enjoy yourself. Spending two weeks exploring the world, being waited on by Marella’s amazing crew, sipping cocktails and dining on delicious meals is much better than just one week away.

You’ll feel more refreshed after a fortnight, leaving you recharged and with some incredible memories to reflect on – and to no doubt drive you to book another cruise as soon as you get home (or maybe even while you’re onboard)!

A couple enjoying the fantastic food from room service

Longer cruises also mean you get to see more ports, helping to broaden your horizons. If you only sail for one week, you have to pick your itinerary more carefully, and you might miss out on a port that you really wanted to visit.

Two-week cruises give you more variety, and mean that you’re more likely to experience all the destinations on your bucket list.

Plus, longer cruises can be better value. That doesn’t mean they’ll be cheaper than a one-week cruise in the same region, but they might cost less per night, since you’re still only playing for one flight each way.

And many repositioning cruises last for two weeks – these are often great value but also an amazing experience since you’re visiting multiple regions. True, these might have more sea days, but that will be reflected in the price you pay (and more time to unwind by the pool with a drink is hardly a bad thing).

You don’t need to worry about missing home too much either. Marella Cruises has some of the most affordable WiFi packages available, and you don’t need to pay for your entire cruise. If you need to check-in with family or pet-sitters, it won’t cost the earth.

So there really isn’t a downside to cruising for two weeks. If you have the time available, it’s absolutely a great idea to book for longer.

The best two-week cruises with Marella

Aegean Jewels and Ancient Icons

Sunset of Oia, Santorini

Explore all the gems of the Eastern Mediterranean on this incredible cruise. You’ll only have two days at sea, and no ports are repeated between the first and second halves of the cruise. Explore Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and the ruins of Ephesus in week one, before enjoying Rhodes, Bodrum, Alanya and more in the second half of your stunning getaway.

Limited time – save over £1,500 on this itinerary!

Mediterranean Medley and Treasures of the Mediterranean

Discover the wonders of Spain, France and Italy on this epic Western Mediterranean escape, which includes the ever-popular ports of Barcelona and Civitavecchia, offering excursions to Rome. You’ll also get to visit the Pompeii ruins, explore Florence and Pisa, and sun yourself on the beautiful Cote d’Azur in southern France.

Limited time – save almost £1,000 on this itinerary!

Or if you really want to treat yourself, how about an epic 18-night cruise?

Exotic Escape 1

This cruise is a transatlantic voyage, which does mean you’ll have several days at sea. But what a wonderful way to cross the ocean. You’ll begin with time in the Canary Islands before sailing for the Caribbean, where you can soak up the sun on gorgeous beaches, sample incredible food and drink, and try some thrilling excursions.

Limited time – save over £2,000 on this itinerary!

Final word

If you’re looking at your cruise options and not sure when to book, or for how long, I’d definitely recommend checking out the longer itineraries you can book with Marella.

More time to sunbathe, sip drinks and unwind – what more could you want? Throw in all the exciting destinations you can visit and these really do offer the trip of a lifetime.

Explore Marella’s exciting two-week itineraries

Includes flights, overseas transfers, tips and drinks – incredible value!

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