Royal Caribbean Survey Suggests Possible End To Free Pizza

Royal Caribbean has updated its post-cruise surveys that are sent to guests, with one question causing concern – whether guests would be willing to pay a fee for pizza served at Sorrento’s.

Sorrentos Pizza

While this question being added doesn’t guarantee anything, it has led to customers being fearful of a price being assigned to the casual dining venue, with many cruisers already disappointed at a rise in fees and additional costs that cruises lines are adding to ships.

Currently most cruise lines offer some form of free pizza option, with Sorrento’s being the late-night venue that many guests enjoy on the Royal Caribbean fleet, especially being one of the few places to grab a snack after a late-night show or nightclub visit. It’s on every large ship and many of the smaller ships, too.

The survey includes two new questions related to the venue – whether guests would be willing to pay to dine there, and whether their decision to cruise with Royal Caribbean would be affected if the cruise line did add a charge for pizza.

It has made cruise customers concerned that the line is putting the feelers out to determine whether they can add a charge without negatively impacting bookings.

The questions didn’t hint at what a pricing model could look like, though the nature of the venue would suggest it would be a per slice/per pizza cost rather than a set fee.

It comes just a couple of weeks after Princess Cruises made changes to their included casual dining venues, meaning that customers who chose not to pay for a Princess Plus or Princess Premier fare would now have to pay for pizza at Alfredo’s, along with some other dining venues. There are still free pizza options on those cruise ships, however.

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