Royal Caribbean Internet Packages: Cost & How to Buy

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For some people, a cruise is an opportunity to escape from the grasp that the internet has over our daily lives. And for others, the idea of a week (or longer) without access to emails and social media is a complete nightmare scenario.

Those people needn’t worry, because Royal Caribbean have some great WiFi packages to help you stay connected during your voyage, whether you want to just catch up on the latest news or stream your favourite movies from your stateroom.

Royal Caribbean wifi
Anthem of the Seas in Norway

And it gets better too – despite having “the fastest internet at sea”, Royal Caribbean is looking to work with Starlink to bring satellite internet to the fleet in future, for even faster speeds.

Royal Caribbean WiFi Cost

The cost of Voom WiFi packages on a Royal Caribbean ship can vary depending on a number of factors. Expect to pay around $11 to $16 per day for the basic package, or $15 to $20 per day for the premium package.

The pricing’s a little complicated, but first, let’s look at the two different internet packages on offer and what you get with each.

1. Voom Surf Voyage

The Voom Surf Voyage WiFi package is designed for basic internet access.

It’ll let you get online 24 hours a day to:

  • Browse the web
  • Access your email accounts
  • Use messenger apps like WhatsApp, iMessage or Facebook Messenger

While you can use apps to text, you won’t be able to make voice or video calls with this package.

The speeds of the Voom Surf Voyage package are throttled by the cruise line, so don’t expect web pages to load quickly. They want you to upgrade to the more expensive package. 

2. Voom Surf + Stream Voyage

The Voom Surf + Steam WiFi package is the upgraded version, which includes all the same services as the basic Surf package but also lets you:

  • Video chat
  • Live stream on social media
  • Access streaming services to watch video content or stream music

It also has faster internet speeds than the standard package.

Royal Caribbean WiFi Pricing Explained

Just like the price of Royal Caribbean drinks packages, the price of Royal Caribbean WiFi changes all the time. It varies depending on the ship, the sailing and when you purchase it.

On average, Voom Surf normally costs $13 per day for a single device and the Voom Surf + Stream package costs $18 per day, but it can be a couple of dollars more or less than that. 

That’s the price if you pay for your full cruise, and if you just want a 24-hour pass, you’ll have to pay a lot more.

As a rough guide, you should expect to pay somewhere in the region of $26 for a single day pass for the Surf package, or $33 for the Surf + Stream Package.

That’s right – the costs for a Surf package are doubled, and the Surf + Stream Package are almost double!

But then, it gets a little more confusing, because you can save money for additional devices. If you buy a family plan for five devices, you could save even more – bringing the average cost down to around $9 per device for the Surf package.

If you want the best deals, you’re advised to pre-book your internet access before you sail. Discounts will vary depending on your sailing, so I can’t tell you exactly what it’ll cost, but booking in advance on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner will always be cheaper than buying it on board the ship.

Do Royal Caribbean cruise ships have free wifi?

Generally, Royal Caribbean cruise ships don’t have free WiFi access – guests will have to pay for it. The only exception is guests that have booked a Star or Sky Royal Suite Class suite, where each guest gets one free Surf + Stream package.

Unfortunately, free WiFi is not a perk offered in any of the Crown and Anchor loyalty schemes, even if you’re a Diamond member. Unless you choose one of the most premium suites on a Royal Caribbean ship, you’ll have to pay for your internet access.

There are some ways you can enjoy free WiFi access during your voyage, including when you’re in port, though. You can read more about those here: How to get free WiFi on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Does the Royal Caribbean app work without WiFi?

You don’t need an internet package for the Royal Caribbean app to work. It also won’t use your own mobile data, so you won’t have roaming charges. Just connect to the ship’s WiFi to use the app for free.

Using the Royal Caribbean app
Using the Royal Caribbean app

It’s wise to download the app well in advance of your cruise. You can add all of your details to make checking in much quicker and easier and it also has lots of useful info so you can familiarise yourself with your ship before you embark.

The Royal Caribbean app is a really handy tool that has different features depending on your ship. You can use it to order food, make bookings for shows and shore excursions, and book your future cruise, among other things.

Is Royal Caribbean WiFi Worth It?

It’s really difficult to say whether Royal Caribbean’s Voom WiFi packages are worth the cost. It’s expensive, as is any cruise line’s internet access, and the speeds aren’t great, even if you choose the Surf + Stream tier.

You’ll also spend a lot of time in port on most cruises, where you will be able to either find free WiFi in most places or use your 4G or 5G connection on your phone. There may be roaming charges, but these could be less than the cost of the internet package.

Suggested read: How to Avoid Roaming Charges on a Cruise

If you’re someone who just has to be connected at all times, then Voom is one of the faster cruise line internet services available and it is easy to set up.

It’s worth it if you simply must have internet access, but if you can manage without it – and on a Royal Caribbean ship, you will be busy – then it may be better to save the money.

On my latest Royal Caribbean cruise, I didn’t buy the WiFi package and I enjoyed having a digital detox during the sea days, then catching up once the ship docked at each port.

How To Connect to Royal Caribbean WiFi

Getting set up with a Voom package is easy. All you need to do is open your device’s WiFi settings and connect to the network “royal-wifi”.

Open up a browser, if it doesn’t do it automatically, and it’ll then take you through the steps you need to get connected.

If you’ve already pre-paid for your internet package, then when you enter your details it will recognise that you have a package waiting to connect. Otherwise, you’ll have to choose which one you want and the cost will be added to your onboard account.

Usually, it’s a really easy process, but sometimes gremlins can get into the system. If you do have any issues, just head to Guest Services and they’ll be happy to help you get connected.

Royal Caribbean Wifi FAQs

Can you text on Royal Caribbean WiFi?

Normal SMS messaging doesn’t use WiFi – it uses your mobile signal and you may get roaming charges if you try. If you want to use online texting apps like WhatsApp, iMessage or Facebook Messenger, then you can do this on your Royal Caribbean cruise with a Voom Surf WiFi package.

Does WiFi calling work on Royal Caribbean?

WiFi calling will work on a Royal Caribbean ship, as long as you’ve paid for a Surf + Stream package. If you’ve only paid for the Surf WiFi Voom tier then WiFi calling will be blocked. The basic package is limited to texting and web browsing only.

Can you use WhatsApp on Royal Caribbean?

You can use WhatsApp on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship if you buy a Voom WiFi package. You only need the Voom Surf package to send WhatsApp text messages, but for voice notes or video calls, you’ll need to upgrade to the Voom Surf + Stream package.

Can you iMessage with Royal Caribbean Wi-Fi?

You are able to use iMessage with Royal Caribbean’s Voom WiFi packages. If you’re only using it for texting then you’ll be fine with the basic Voom Surf package, but if you want to send voice notes through the app then you’ll need the Voom Surf + Stream package.

Can you FaceTime on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

You can FaceTime friends and family from your Royal Caribbean cruise if you’ve paid for a Voom Surf + Stream WiFi package. It won’t work on the more basic Voom Surf package, as the internet speeds are throttled by the cruise line to prevent video calls.

Can you use Zoom on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

You can use Zoom on a Royal Caribbean cruise but you’ll need to pay for a WiFi package. Zoom and other video call apps only work on the Voom Surf + Stream WiFi tier – they won’t work on the cheaper Voom Surf package.

Can you use Tik Tok on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

You can use TikTok on a Royal Caribbean cruise. There’s a chance that it will work on the Voom Surf package, but speeds are limited so it will probably suffer from slow loading. It will be much more reliable if you upgrade to the Voom Surf + Stream package.

The Bottom Line

While Voom is advertised as the fastest internet at sea, it’s also one of the most confusing, since prices aren’t set in stone and can really vary. If the internet costs seem expensive, you might want to risk waiting until nearer to your sail date, but then they could go up even more.

The best advice is to only pay for it if you really need it. Otherwise, try to get by with your 4G or 5G signal when you’re in port, or ask the crew for tips on where to find free WiFi access ashore. You’ll save a lot of money, and all those cruise photos can just be uploaded when you get home instead of live as they happen.

I didn’t have any WiFi on this cruise to Norway and I survived!

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2. Choose a trusted travel agent with a best price guarantee.

Please don’t book with any old company just because they have a cheap deal. I suggest that you find the best price and then take it to a trusted travel agent who will beat it as well as giving you the best service.

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