Passenger Overboard From World’s Largest Cruise Ship

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A male passenger aboard Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas has gone overboard just one day into the ship’s 7-night Western Caribbean voyage.

Icon of the Seas Aerial

The incident took place in the early hours of 26th May, after the ship had set sail from Miami.

Despite the early hours, the overboard situation was detected and the emergency alarm sounded. The crew immediately halted the ship for two hours so that the passenger could be recovered.

Passengers filmed videos showing two small rescue boats helping the man to be recovered. According to passenger reports, the man was then taken to the onboard medical centre.

Update – it has now been confirmed that the man sadly passed away despite rescue efforts.

It’s not clear what caused the man to go overboard, and the cruise line refuses to fuel speculation, as it should. Reports state that he jumped but there has been no confirmation of this. The cruise line is also protecting the identity of the passenger, for privacy reasons.

Despite the two-hour pause in sailing, the ship was able to continue onto Roatan on time.


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