New Snack Menu Launches On Carnival Fleet

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A new snack menu has been launched by Carnival Cruise Line, expanding the range of dining options available late at night.

Carnival Cruise Line snacks

Called “Good Eats: Late Night Snack”, the new menu has a range of options to expand on the already-available pizzas that guests can enjoy after a theatre show, casino visit or time spent at the bar or nightclub every evening.

Savoury options on the new menu include fried chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce, and chili dogs with grilled onions.

There’ll also be Italian meatball sandwiches, additional Chicago-style deep dish pizzas, chicken noodle soup, and ham and cheese rolls.

A range of salads will be available along with coleslaw and chips (crisps) with salsa dip. Sweets will also be available in the form of cookies – either sugar or chocolate chip.

The times for the new snack options will vary on a ship-by-ship basis, based on how busy the ship is and the demographic of those onboard.

The new menu was being rolled out this week and will ultimately be offered on every ship in the Carnival fleet, although no target date has been set for a full rollout.

The news was announced by Carnival’s Brand Ambassador John Heald on his Facebook page, where he also confirmed that midnight buffets will not be returning to the cruise line.

A price list for the new snack menu is yet to be confirmed.

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  1. “A price list for the new snack menu is yet to be confirmed.”
    A price list.
    One would think it’d be free, like RCCL at Cafe Promenade.
    This is NOT kosher.

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