NCL Cancels Three Months Of Cruises On Escape

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Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that it is cancelling three months of cruises on Norwegian Escape, due to fleet redeployment.

Norwegian Escape in New York

There are 8 cruises affected with departure dates between 3rd January 2025 and 21st March 2025, including three separate 14-night itineraries – which many people prefer to book in advance due to the planning and cost of a longer cruise.

“Fleet redeployment” simply means that the cruise line wishes to change its plans and move the ships elsewhere in the world. Norwegian Escape will be cruising in that three month period – but not on the same itineraries that many guests will have already booked.

Guests who did have a cruise booked during this period will be given a full refund within 30 business days. Anyone who booked their cruise using Future Cruise Credit (FCC) will have it restored to their account in full. All guests will also get a 10% discount on a future cruise (in the form of FCC) to apologise for the cancellations.

However, no statements have been made about any other costs passengers will incur due to the cancellations, such as any costs for travel to/from the port or associated hotel stays. Guests will likely have to claim on their travel insurance for these.

“We sincerely appreciate your understanding and, as always, are at your service.”

Letter sent to guests and travel agents by Norwegian Cruise Line

This is not without precedent for NCL – the cruise line has already cancelled 11 cruises this winter for Norwegian Epic, again due to redeployment of the ship. And in January 2023, it was announced that a month of sailings for Norwegian Joy in 2024 would be cancelled so that the ship could enter drydock.

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4 thoughts on “NCL Cancels Three Months Of Cruises On Escape”

  1. Just had Feb 2025 Panama Canal cruise cancelled. They said “due to overbooking they’ve cancelled the sailing altogether “ I don’t believe that.
    This was our first cruise, lost all confidence in NCL now!

  2. At least they didn’t wait until the last minute. That is 15 months away. Not sure you can make airline plans that far in advance. And with this much notice you could probably cancel hotels. As for me – I would be disappointed but grateful for the advanced notice.

  3. Never Again. P&O are a COMPLETE RIP OFF. BELIEVE ME .
    We have been on more than 10 cruises on with different cruise lines, but our first AND LAST on P&O was a total rip off. We are senior citizens and feel robbed of our money. The buffet is no better than Street Food, and the restaurant food is nowhere like the menus they show on their website. We had a balcony cabin on deck 9 which was a superior cabin and was very good. Clean and comfortable. The shows so basic. We bought the classic drinks package, would you believe not even a Small bottle of water in the cabin to start you off.
    Paying over 4000 euro for a mediterrean cruise and to add insult to injury we both came off the ship with COVID. Hope P&O would comment.

  4. We have just had our January 2nd 2025 sailing out of New York on Norwegian Prima cancelled as well. Same letter but different ship. This has been confirmed by NCL directly. Not impressed, and now lost confidence in NCL totally.

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