Luxury Cruise Line Offers Fans Unique Chance To Name An Alaskan Moose!

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Holland America Line is offering fans of the cruise line an interesting opportunity – they can decide on the name of a moose!


Working in collaboration with the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre (AWCC), the cruise line has taken to social media to help find a name for an orphaned moose calf.

Holland America Line has a long-standing history of exploring Alaska and supporting conservation efforts to protect its unique wildlife. The cruise line offers a wide range of sailings for guests in the region.

Fans can submit name suggestions for the orphaned moose calf on Holland America Line’s official Facebook and Instagram pages until 23 June 2024.

The top ten names will be selected and posted for public voting, with the winning name announced in early July.

Holland America Line has been exploring Alaska longer than any other cruise line and we are deeply committed to supporting AWCC in its conservation efforts to protect Alaska’s wildlife. Our guests take an Alaska cruise to see wildlife in the region, and moose are part of ‘Alaska’s Big Five.’ We are excited to give our fans the opportunity to participate with the Alaska community in a fun and meaningful way.

Kacy Cole, chief marketing officer for Holland America Line

Holland America Line guests on cruises this summer will be able to enjoy excursions to the AWCC where they can have a close-up encounter with the animals in the centre’s care.

Add your own suggestions for a moose name here!


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