Flooding Leaves Cruise Guests With Dilemma – Endure Funky Odours Or Cancel Last Minute?

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Guests on a recent Voyager of the Seas cruise with Royal Caribbean were left with a difficult choice recently, after the ship suffered flooding during a heavy storm.

The storm occurred as the ship was sailing through the Gulf of Mexico, with high waves, heavy rain and severe winds causing flooding in parts of the ship, including public areas and guest staterooms.

The timing was poor, as it was on the last sea day before the ship returned to port in Galveston, leaving not enough time to thoroughly clean out the rooms before the next guests were due to arrive the following day.

Royal Caribbean contacted guests who were due to stay in the affected staterooms and gave them two options.

They could either cruise as normal, being aware that their stateroom would likely have some issues with odours since the rooms weren’t able to be dried out and deodourised in time, and receive a 30% refund of their cruise fare. This would be applied as onboard credit, but any unused credit would be refunded to guests’ debit or credit cards at the end of the cruise.

Or they could cancel their cruise, receive a full refund of their cruise fare and a 100% Future Cruise Credit to apply to another sailing in future.

Normally the second option would be the most popular, as this would essentially render the future cruise completely free, or allow the guest to choose a better cruise that cost more, with a significant discount.

However, guests were only presented with this option the day before they were due to sail, leaving little time to recoup any other associated travel costs, or change plans.

The cruise ship has since completed that sailing, and it’s unclear how many guests chose option 1 or option 2. Only a limited number of guests were impacted anyway, and most guests cruised as normal.


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2 thoughts on “Flooding Leaves Cruise Guests With Dilemma – Endure Funky Odours Or Cancel Last Minute?”

  1. Big disappointment for anyone travelling a long distance to the starting port. (Some shock to get)
    Some choice to make.
    Bearing in mind the distance and the overnight stay pre cruise

  2. I don’t know where to put this. We had went on our first cruise ever January 27th through February 1st 2024 on Royal Caribbean Voyager Of The Seas. Our Floor was Sop and Wet. We Took our Whole Family rooms 6554 6644 6648. We didn’t understand why the floors were wet and smelled like wet musty. My grandson set on floor, his shorts were soaked, before I could tell him, to not sit on floor. Our feet got wet when going to bathroom at night. Is there any way we could financially compensated for this?
    You have All Our Information. The Trip was To Celebrate two Seniors in our Family. Just asking. Please get back with me or let me know what your suggestions are. Thank You. God Bless and Be safe.

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