When Safety Drills Go Wrong – Carnival Crew Member Rescued From Ocean

At the picturesque port of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, an unexpected turn of events unfolded aboard the Carnival Venezia during what started as a routine emergency drill.

Carnival Venezia

Cruise ships like the Carnival Venezia often schedule crew safety drills during port days.

This timing is strategic, allowing crew members to perform drills efficiently while most guests are ashore exploring, thereby minimising guest disruption and ensuring a focus on safety protocols.

But during the drill on 10th May, things took a bad turn. The drill was interrupted by a man overboard alert, initially confusing some as part of the exercise.

However, it was soon communicated that this was a genuine emergency – a crew member had fallen from the aft of the ship into the waters below.

The crew deployed the ship’s rescue boat, quickly retrieving the crew member who luckily avoided serious injury. The crew member’s life vest had automatically deployed, helping to keep him safe.

It’s believed that the crew member had been carrying out maintenance work on the hull when he slipped and fell.

Because the incident was handled so efficiently, the crew worker was safe and the cruise was able to continue without interruption.

Crew members on cruise ships are extensively trained to handle emergency situations, and it’s a testament to their quick-thinking – and the fact that the crew member had followed protocols on safety gear – that this potentially dangerous incident was resolved without any harm.


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