Last Minute Summer River Escapes With TUI River Cruises

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Still looking for that perfect getaway for summer? A river cruise could be just what you need – the chance to explore some of the most beautiful cities across Europe, enjoy fabulous dining and drinks, and unwind at a wonderfully relaxing pace.

TUI Isla river cruise ship

There are still some great deals available for last minute river cruises if you book with TUI, so let’s take a look at your options and why a TUI river escape is the ideal way to get away for a memorable holiday.

Big savings on last-minute TUI river cruises for summer 2024

Prices include flights, overseas transfers, Full Board Plus cruise and more!

Some of the best itineraries…

Rhine Gems

This river cruise offers a captivating journey through scenic and historic regions along the Rhine River, starting and ending in Frankfurt, Germany.

Rhine river cruise

Begin your adventure in Frankfurt, a bustling city known for its impressive skyline and rich cultural heritage. Key sights include the Römer, a medieval building in the heart of the old town, and the Städel Museum, home to an extensive art collection.

Next, visit Koblenz, located at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Explore the Deutsches Eck (German Corner)  and the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, offering panoramic views of the Rhine Valley.

In Worms, delve into history with a visit to the Worms Cathedral, a Romanesque basilica with stunning architecture. Then cross into France to explore Strasbourg, renowned for its picturesque old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

A visit to Kembs allows you to experience the tranquil beauty of the Alsace region. Enjoy leisurely walks along the canal and explore local nature reserves.

Then you’ll return to Germany to visit Breisach, a town perched on a basalt rock outcrop overlooking the Rhine. The St. Stephen’s Cathedral offers spectacular views of the surrounding vineyards and the Black Forest. And in Speyer, discover the majestic Speyer Cathedral, one of the largest and most significant Romanesque edifices in Europe.

Danube Treasures

Discover the many exciting ports of the Danube on this river cruise, which begins and ends in Budapest (including an overnight stay at the end of your cruise, to give you ample time to enjoy all that the city has to offer).

Danube cruise to Budapest

Your first port of call once you’ve begun sailing is Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital, known for its medieval old town and impressive Bratislava Castle overlooking the Danube River.

You’ll continue to Melk, Austria, home to the stunning Melk Abbey, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture perched high above the town. The abbey’s opulent interiors and extensive library are must-see highlights.

It’s then onto Dürnstein, a charming village in the heart of the Wachau Valley. Here, you can visit the ruins of the castle where Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned and enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding vineyards and the Danube River.

In Linz, you can visit the Ars Electronica Center, a museum dedicated to electronic arts, and then it’s onto the capital of Vienna for an overnight stay where you can explore the grandeur of Schönbrunn Palace, the historic Hofburg Palace, and the world-renowned Vienna State Opera.

You then finish in Budapest, where the city’s thermal baths, such as Széchenyi or Gellért, offer a perfect way to relax and reflect on your journey.

The Moselle Valley – Vines & Views

Explore the Rhine and Moselle rivers on this beautiful voyage, a round-trip from Frankfurt. After departing, you’ll head to Koblenz and then onto Traben-Trarbach, a charming town known for its art nouveau architecture and renowned wine cellars.

Moselle River

Continue to Trier, Germany’s oldest city, rich in Roman history. Marvel at the Porta Nigra, an impressive Roman gate, and explore the ancient ruins, including the Roman baths and amphitheatre.

Bernkastel-Kues is your next stop, a picturesque town famed for its medieval market square and half-timbered houses. Don’t miss the chance to taste some of the region’s finest Riesling wines at local vineyards.

In Cochem, explore the fairy-tale-like Reichsburg Castle perched high above the town, and enjoy a visit to Rüdesheim, known for its wine-making and the Drosselgasse, a lively street filled with traditional wine taverns and shops.

Your last stop before returning to Frankfurt, Boppard offers a blend of history and natural beauty. Stroll along the Rhine promenade, explore the medieval fortifications, and take in the stunning views from the Vierseenblick (Four Lakes View) viewpoint.

Why choose TUI?

There are lots of reasons why TUI is a great option for a last-minute river cruise.

TUI operates its own flights, and there are plenty of local airport options available, making it easier for you to start your holiday in comfort without a long drive.

This also makes the whole process much easier – from the moment you arrive at the airport, TUI will look after you, taking care of the flight, the transfer to the ship and then your cruise. If there are any delays at any stage, it’s all taken care of without you needing to worry.

Cruises are Full Board Plus as standard, which includes all your food on the ship and a selection of drinks served with each meal. You can pay an upgrade fee if you want a completely all-inclusive cruise.

TUI River Cruise restaurant

And tips are included too, meaning there’s no hidden extras – the quoted price is what you’ll pay.

Those prices offer great value, especially with some last minute river cruises enjoying big discounts, though places are limited. Make sure you book ASAP if you like the idea of any of these exciting river cruise options!

Big savings on last-minute TUI river cruises for summer 2024

Prices include flights, overseas transfers, Full Board Plus cruise and more!

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