Best Price Guarantee

When you book a cruise, you always want to know that you’re getting the best price, right?

That’s why, whenever I book a cruise, I use a travel agent that offers a best price guarantee!

But of course, price isn’t everything, you’ll also want someone you can trust to take care of all the finer details.

Here are my top recommendations…

Cruise Mummy

For people in the UK…

If you live in the UK like me, I recommend that you get a quote from Cruise118. I’ve booked over 20 of my own cruises with them, using their best price guarantee to get the lowest price.

Give them a call today for a no-obligation quote and I’m sure you’ll be impressed by their excellent, friendly service.


For people in the US & Canada…

US and Canadian residents can get a best price guarantee when booking a cruise online with Cruise Direct.

One of the most popular cruise booking sites in the US, Cruise Direct also offer a ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ service and has excellent reviews.

Live elsewhere?

I don’t have any other recommendations at the moment, sorry! But I’m working on trying to find the most trustworthy travel agents who can offer the best price for you.