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Virgin Voyages drinks package

Virgin Voyages is a brand new cruise line, launching in 2020 that promises to be different from anything you’ve ever seen before. Richard Branson and his team want to “escape from the chaos” of cruising, which means no buffet, no main dining room and, importantly, no kids. Virgin Voyages’ first ship, Scarlet Lady, followed by…

By Cruise Mummy 20th February 2020 0

P&O drinks package: Is it worth it?

When booking a cruise with P&O Cruises, one important decision that you’ll need to make is whether you should purchase P&O Cruises’ drinks package to make your cruise all-inclusive, or whether you’d be better off paying for drinks individually. Are P&O drinks packages worth it? For some people, yes. For others, definitely not! To decide…

By Cruise Mummy 17th February 2020 2

What can you NOT bring on a cruise?

If you’ve never cruised before, it’s really important to know what NOT to pack to take on the ship. You’ll want to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations at check-in by making sure you don’t pack any cruise ship contraband. Cruise port staff regularly scan and search passengers’ bags, and if any of your belongings are…

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