How big is a cruise ship?

MSC Seaside large cruise ship

Cruise ships sure are big! The first time I ever stepped on a cruise ship I couldn’t believe how big it was. It took me almost a week to learn where everything was on the ship. Even now, I always …

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P&O Iona cabins: How to choose the best one

Iona balcony cabin

Choosing the right cabin for your cruise is always an important decision. If you’re booking a cruise on P&O Cruises’ new ship, read on for all the information you need to choose the best cabins on Iona. Iona cabin types …

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How to take a virtual cruise with your kids at home

virtual cruise

Being stuck at home with kids in the school holidays can be hard, even more so if you’re all sad to be missing cruising! However, even in lockdown, it’s possible to enjoy a fun-filled virtual cruise without leaving your local …

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Independence of the Seas cabins to avoid

Independence of the Seas

If you’re planning a cruise on Independence of the Seas then it’s definitely worth spending an extra five minutes to make sure that you get an awesome room! Independence of the Seas is one of Royal Caribbean’s most-loved ships. However, …

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MSC Drink Packages (2021 onwards)

MSC drink packages

The decision of whether or not to get the drinks package for your cruise is always a tricky one. To further confuse matters, MSC Cruises has introduced five new drinks packages for 2021 and 2022 cruises. Plus, they’ve removed all …

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How to cruise to Iceland

Iceland cruise

With its dramatic glaciers, beautiful waterfalls and incredible volcanoes, Iceland is a country that deserves to be pretty high up on anyone’s bucket list. If you’re considering a cruise to Iceland, you’ll be pleased to know that taking a cruise …

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Princess Cruises ships by age: Newest to Oldest

Sky Princess

Princess Cruises currently has 16 cruise ships in service in 2021. If you’re planning a Princess cruise and are wondering about the older and newer ships and which is the best, then you should find this article useful. Here, I’ve …

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How fast do cruise ships go?

Cruise ships are like huge floating cities, transporting up to 6,000 passengers around the world. Given their mammoth size, you may be wondering how fast cruise ships go… This article will tell you how fast cruise ships go in mph …

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72 ocean-related names to inspire you

ocean baby names

Ocean-related names always have a lot of meaning behind them. What better name to give your baby (or fur-baby) than something which relates to the features of the sea – strong, mysterious and beautiful. Many of the ocean-themed baby names …

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15 rough sea quotes to inspire you in 2021

Many of us are going through difficult times right now and this list of quotes about the sea is intended to encourage and inspire you. There are hundreds of rough seas quotes and this list picks out just 15 of …

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17 calm sea quotes to inspire you in 2021

calm seas

The past year has been a most unusual one for people across the globe, and one that we’ll never forget for so many reasons. The cruise industry, in particular, has taken a battering by a global suspension of cruise ships …

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What is a French balcony on a ship?

Cabins with French balconies are common on river cruise ships. Yet people who are used to sailing on ocean cruise ships may get a surprise when they see that the French balconies of river cruise ships are something quite different! …

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15 things to love about Celestyal Cruises

Celestyal Olympia in Santorini

Celestyal Cruises isn’t the most well-known of cruise lines, but could it be just what you’re looking for? This Cypriot-owned cruise line is still a relative newcomer to the cruise market, being established in 2014. That’s not long at all, …

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Royal Caribbean Junior Suite perks: Is it worth the upgrade?

Royal Caribbean Junior Suite

If you’re considering whether to choose a balcony stateroom, a Junior Suite or a Grand Suite, you’ll want to know about Royal Caribbean’s Junior Suite benefits. Many cruisers are shocked to learn that there aren’t really many Junior Suite perks, …

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Royal Caribbean ships by age

New Royal Caribbean cruise ship - Wonder of the Seas

Royal Caribbean currently has 24 cruise ships, with more being built and on order. This post has a list of Royal Caribbean ships by year built, ordered from newest to oldest. List of Royal Caribbean Cruise ships by age Ship …

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