15 Disney Characters That Start With U

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Ursula, the sea witch from The Little Mermaid is one of the most obvious Disney characters that start with the letter U. But are you struggling to think of more? I don’t blame you.

Trying to come up with Disney characters that begin with U is hard! So, to make things easy, I’ve listed them all here for you…

Ursula form the little mermaid

Ugo from Luca

Ugo is a supporting character in the 2021 Disney Pixar animated feature film, Luca. Ugo is a sea monster who lives in the deepest depths of the sea. He is Luca’s uncle and probably his strangest relative resembling a humanoid angler fish. In his youth, Ugo wondered about life above the surface but warns Luca of the dangers above. 

Umpire from Chicken Little

Umpire is a little-known Disney character that starts with U, he appears in the 2005 computer-animated comedy, Chicken Little. Umpire appears during a baseball match that features Chicken Little. He makes a key intervention to declare that the titular character was still safe and after this intervention Chicken Little then goes on to win the game.  

Uncle Art from Meet the Robinsons

Uncle Art Framagucci is a Disney character beginning with U that appears in Disney’s 2007 film Meet the Robinsons. Uncle Art is an intergalactic pizza delivery man who takes on a superhero persona when doing his deliveries. Uncle Art was voiced by Adam West (who starred as the superhero Batman in the 1960s TV series and film adaptation).

Uncle Fritz from Meet the Robinsons

Uncle Fritz Robinson is the uncle of Lewis, brother of Bud and Joe, and brother-in-law of Billie and Lucille in Disney’s 2007 animated feature film, Meet the Robinsons. He is a nervous character (particularly around his wife, Petunia). His wife is a hand puppet controlled by his own arm, but it appears that he thinks she’s real. 

Uncle Gaston from Meet the Robinsons

Uncle Gaston Fragmagucci is another of the uncles from Disney’s 2007 animated feature film, Meet the Robinsons. He is Franny’s older brother and loves cannons. Gaston’s cannon races against Billie’s full scale model train and he also fires meatballs from a smaller cannon. 

Uncle Joe from Meet the Robinsons

Uncle Joe Robinson is a major character in Disney’s 2007 animated feature film, Meet the Robinsons. Uncle Joe is the quietest member of the Robinson family and is morbidly obese. Uncle Joe doesn’t speak throughout the entire film. Rather than speak, he whimpers and has childish mannerisms like sucking his thumb. 

Uncle Max from The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata

Uncle Max is a meerkat who appears in the animated sequel The Lion King 3. Max is a member of a colony of meerkats who live in the jungle where he works as a sentry and tunnel builder. Max tries to teach his nephew Timon how to be a lookout but Timon fails to warn the colony when hyenas attack. 

Uncle Topolino from Cars 2

Uncle Topolino is a minor Disney Pixar character that starts with U. He appears in the 2011 Disney/Pixar animated film, Cars 2 as a kind and helpful Fiat 500. He is full of wisdom which he passes on to Luigi and Guido in the village tire shop that he runs ‘Topolino’s Tires’.

Uncle Waldo from The Aristocats

Uncle Waldo is a minor character in Disney’s 1970 movie The Aristocats. He is the uncle of Abigail and Amelia Gabble and is a very friendly and good natured character who can be very silly and loud. Uncle Waldo is depicted as an overweight goose with white feathers and an orange beak. 

Underminer from Incredibles 2

The Underminer is a loud and proud supervillain with lots of bravado in Incredibles 2. He announces to the world that he wants to destroy peace and joy and loves being a supervillain, often chuckling while carrying out his villainous activities. He has no superpowers but uses robotic gloves, drilling machines and bombs. 

Undertow from The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

Undertow is a massive and mean tiger shark in The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. He is one of Morgana’s servants and is used as a threat to make Triton hand over the trident. The plot is foiled and Triton turns Undertow into a small piranha-type fish which he complains about. 

Unemployment Lady from An Extremely Goofy Movie

The Unemployment Lady is a minor character in the 2000 Disney film An Extremely Goofy Movie. When Goofy loses his job at the toy factory he goes to the unemployment office where Unemployment Lady tells him that she can only help people with a college degree. She suggests that he goes to college to get a degree, which he does. 

Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Ursula (also known as the Sea Witch) is the main antagonist of Disney’s 1989 animated feature film The Little Mermaid and is probably the most famous Disney character that starts with U. Ursula has been banished from King Triton’s palace and she attempts to exact vengeance by striking deals with merfolk on the promise of making their dreams come true. 

Uto from Tarzan 2: The Legend Begins

Uto is one of the secondary antagonists in Disney’s 2005 animated feature film, Tarzan II. Uto is a dim-witted brown-furred gorilla who is the size of Kerchak but has the personality of a child. He often fights with his brother Kago who is slightly smaller but more intelligent and calls Uto ‘Banana Brain’, which Uto doesn’t like. 

Uttamatomakkin from Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

Uttamatomakkin, or Uti, is the non-speaking bodyguard who travels with Pocahontas to the New World in Disney’s 1998 animated sequel, Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. He is a rather serious character who is determined to help Pocahontas succeed in her mission to stop the war. He communicates only by grunting but displays a full range of emotions. 

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