46 Disney Characters That Start With F

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It can be hard to think of any Disney characters that start with the letter F, so if you’re struggling to come up with a single one, you’re not alone.

But, you may be surprised to know that in the Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies, there are actually quite a few. Forky from Toy Story 4 is one, or how about Flik from A Bug’s Life?

Forky from Toy Story 4

Read on for a complete list of all of the Disney characters with names beginning with F…

Disney Characters That Start With The Letter F

Fagin from Oliver and Company

Fagin is a petty criminal who owns Dodger and a gang of dogs in the movie Oliver and Company. He’s generally a good guy but is desperate to get out of debt to Bill Sykes. 

Fa Li from Mulan

Fa Li is a Disney character that starts with F who appears as Mulan’s mother in the 1998 animated movie Mulan. She’s quite traditional and doesn’t want Mulan to go to war. 

Faline from Bambi

Faline is a deer who becomes friends with Bambi while they are both young. They meet again as adults and fall in love. 

Fats from Dumbo

Fats is one of the group of crows who become Dumbo’s instructors and supporters as he attempts to learn to fly. 

Fauna from Sleeping Beauty

Fauna is one of the three good fairies in Sleeping Beauty. She gives Aurora the gift of song at her christening and then raises Aurora, pretending to be her aunt. 

Fa Zhou from Mulan

Fa Zhou is a retired war hero who is Mulan’s father in the movie Mulan. He felt ashamed when injury prevented him being called into service and Mulan took his place. 

Fear from Inside Out

Fear is one of the five emotions that live inside Riley in the Disney Pixar movie Inside Out. He is always on the lookout for danger so that he can protect Riley.

Felicia from The Great Mouse Detective

Felicia is a cat belonging to the main antagonist Professor Ratigan in the animated movie The Great Mouse Detective. Ratigan feeds her hostages and henchmen that have displeased him.

Felix Madrigal from Encanto

Felix is an animated Disney character that begins with F who appears in the movie Encanto/ He married into the Madrigal family and has no magic of his own but his children Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio do.

Fenton from Atlantis

Fenton W. Harcourt is Milo’s boss at the Smithsonian Institute. He does not believe in the myth of Atlantis and is very reluctant to fund any research.

Fergus from Brave

King Fergus is the king of Dunbroch in the Disney Pixar movie Brave. Fergus is the father of Merida with his wife Queen Elinor.

Fflewddur Fflam from The Black Cauldron

Fflewddur is a traveling bard who joins Taran on a quest to find and destroy The Black Cauldron. He is able to convince the witches to bring Gurgi back to life.

Fidget from The Great Mouse Detective

Fidget is a bat who works for Professor Ratigan. He kidnaps Mt Flaversham, which starts a quest for The Great Mouse detective to find him.

Fifi from Beauty and the Beast

Fifi is a minor Disney character that starts with F in Beauty and the Beast. She was the maid of the house but was turned into a feather duster when the beast was cursed.

Figaro from Pinocchio

Figaro is a black and white cat that belongs to Geppetto in the animated classic Pinocchio. He gets eaten by the whale and is saved by Pinnochio.  

Fillmore from Cars

Fillmore is a VW Kombi in the movie Cars. Fillmore is a bit of a hippy and sells organic fuel at his “Taste-In”.

Finn McMissile from Cars 2

Finn McMissile is a British spy car who has an array of gadgets and weapons under his bonnet. He wrongly believes that Tow Mater is an American spy.

Finnick from Zootopia

Finnick is a small fox who appears in the animated movie Zootopia. He’s a minor con artist who often pretends to be a child to win over his victims. 

Fish Out of Water from Chicken Little

Fish Out of Water is a Fish who lives on dry land and is friends with Chicken Little. He uses a scuba helmet filled with water to allow him to survive. 

Fix-it Felix Jr. from Wreck-it Ralph

Fix-it Felix Jr is a character in the movie Wreck-it Ralph. Felix is a Nicelander who is always on hand to fix things that Ralph has broken.

Flash from Zootopia

Flash is a sloth that appears in the 2016 movie Zootopia. He works at the Department of Mammal Vehicles.

Flik from A Bug’s Life         

Flik is a Disney Pixar character that starts with F who is a worker ant in the movie A Bug’s Life. He wants to find a way to stand out from the crowd and ends up helping to save the colony from the grasshoppers. 

Ms. Flint from Monsters, inc.

Ms Flint is responsible for training new scarers at Monsters Inc She uses video footage to show where they went wrong and emphasises that doors must be closed to stop children from entering the world of monsters.

Flit from Pocahontas

Flit is a hummingbird who appears in the animated movie Pocahontas. Flit is suspicious of outsiders and tries to protect Pocahontas from John Smith.  

Flo from Cars

Flo is a 1957 Motorama show car in the Disney movie Cars. He has abandoned life on the road to run the V8 café. He ends up marrying Ramone. 

Flo from Finding Nemo

Flo is Deb’s sister in the movie Finding Nemo. Deb is one of the fish in the tank at the dentists, she thinks her reflection is her sister Flo. It’s not clear whether Flo is real or not. 

Flora from Sleeping Beauty

Flora is one of the good fairies in the classic animated movie Sleeping Beauty. She gives Aurora the gift of beauty and raises her in hiding from Maleficent. 

Flounder from The Little Mermaid

Flounder is a yellow fish who is best friends with Ariel in The Little Mermaid. He’s naturally cowardly but joins Ariel when she visits the human world. 

Flower from Bambi

Flower is a skunk who is good friends with Bambi. The nickname Flower was given to him as Bambi first met him in a bed of flowers.

Fluke from Finding Dory

Fluke is the biggest of the two sea lions that live at the Marine Institute in Finding Dory. He tells Marlin and Dory about the Institute and helps them to get inside. 

Flynn Rider from Tangled

Flynn Rider is a notorious thief blessed with wit and charm. He falls in love with Princess Rapunzel in the movie Tangled. Unbeknownst to Flynn, he is also of royal blood, and his real name is Eugene Fitzherbert.

Forky from Toy Story 4

Forky is a Disney Pixar character that starts with F in the movie Toy Story 4. Forky is a toy that Bonnie makes out of a plastic fork.

Foxy Loxy from Chicken Little

Foxy Loxy is a baseball star who bullies her classmate Chicken Little. Despite this, Chicken Little wants to impress her by learning to play baseball.

Francesco Bernoulli from Cars 2

Francesco Bernoulli is an Italian racing car with a big ego who is very famous in Europe. Francesco Bernoulli is a fierce rival of Lightning MQueen at the World Grand Prix.

Francis from A Bug’s Life

Francis is a ladybug who works as a circus clown in the movie A Bug’s Life. He’s short tempered and aggressive but saves Dot when he is attacked by a bird. 

Francis from Oliver and Company

Francis is a Bulldog owned by Fagin in the animated film Oliver and Company. He looks and acts like Winston Churchill and, with the other dogs, he helps save Oliver.

Frank McCay from Monsters University

Frank McCay is an alumnus of Monsters University. Mike met him as a child and followed him on a scaring mission. He’s Mike’s idol and inspiration.

Frank from The Rescuers Down Under

Frank is a lesser known Disney character beginning with F. Frank is a green frill-neck lizard who has been captured by McLeach. 

Frankie from Meet the Robinsons

Frankie is a jazz singing frog who belongs to Franny Robinson in the movie Meet the Robinsons..

Franny Robinson from Meet the Robinsons

Franny is a Disney character starting with F in Meet the Robinsons. Franny joined the Robinson family when she married Lewis and is now mother to baby Wilbur.

Frederic from Tangled

Frederick is the king of Corona and Rapunzel’s father in the animated movie Tangled. After Rapunzel goes missing he oversees an annual lighting of lanterns in the hope that she is safe and will return. 

Friar Tuck from Robin Hood

Friar Tuck is a badger who is a member of Robin Hood’s gang. He helps the poor but is sent to jail when he challenges the thieving Sheriff of Nottingham. 

Frou-Frou from The Aristocats

Frou-Frou is a horse owned by Madame Bonfamille in The Aristocats. Frou-Frou is friends with  Duchess and her kittens and helps to stop Edgar. 

Miss Fritter from Cars 3

Miss Fritter is a school bus that takes part in the demolition derby in Cars 3.

Frozone from The Incredibles

Frozone is a superhero who has the ability to create ice and freeze surfaces. Frozone is friends with Mr Incredible.

Fungus from Monsters, inc.

Fungus is a monster who helps Randall to capture Mike in Monster Inc. 

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