44 Disney Characters That Start With D

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Aside from the famous Donald Duck, there are actually a whole load of Disney characters with names that start with the letter D. 

Cruise Mummy with Donald Duck

I’ve listed them all for you here. So, whatever your reason for wantiung a list of Disney characters that start with D, I have a complete list – including Disney Pixar and Marvel characters.

How many of these will you spot on your next Disney cruise? And which is your favourite? I must admit I have a soft spot for Dumbo – he’s just so cute!

Disney Characters That Start With The Letter D

Dachsie from Lady and the Tramp

Dachsie is a Disney character that starts with D who appears in Lady and the Tramp. He is a dachshund who is desperate to escape from the pound.  

Daisy Duck from Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas / Fantasia 2000 / Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers / Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas

Daisy Duck is Donald Duck’s girlfriend and a close friend of Minnie Mouse. She first appeared in 1940 and is a bit of a diva. 

Dale from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

Dale is one half of the chipmunk duo Chip and Dale. Dale is the one with the red nose and he is more easygoing but less bright than Chip. 

Dallben from The Black Cauldron

Dallben is a great wizard who cares for the oracle-telling pig Hen Wen in the movie The Black Cauldron. He found Taran as a baby and raised him as his son.

Dang Hai from Raya and the Last Dragon

Dang Hai is the chief of Talan in the animated film Raya and the Last Dragon. He aims to create peace across Kumandra but is a bit arrogant and is turned to stone by Druun. 

Dang Hu from Raya and the Last Dragon

Dang Hu is Dang Hai’s mother in Raya and the Last Dragon. She takes over as ruler of the floating city of Talin when her son is turned to stone.

Daniela from Luca

Daniela is the mother of the titular character Luca. She is a sea monster who is worried by Luca’s plan to go to the surface.

Danny from 101 Dalmatians

Danny is a brown Great Dane who appears in the movie 101 Dalmatians. He lives in Hampstead and helps Pongo and Perdita find the puppies.

Dante from Coco

Dante is a stray dog who appears in the animated movie Coco. He is adopted by Miguel and joins his quest to find Hector in the land of the dead.

Darla from Finding Nemo

Darla is the young niece of the dentist Philip Sherman in the Disney Pixar movie Finding Nemo. Her enthusiasm for her pet fish often accidentally kills them.

Darling from Lady and the Tramp

Darling is the owner of the dog, Lady in the animated film Lady and the Tramp. She loves dogs and happily adopts Tramp and Angel alongside Lady and cares for all the puppies. 

Darnell from The Princess and the Frog

Darnell is one of the least known Disney characters starting with D. He is a frog hunter in the animated movie The Princess and the Frog.

Dash from The Incredibles

Dash is the son of Bob and Helen in The Incredibles. He has superpowers which he must hide from other people, which makes it hard for him to fit in. 

David Kawena from Lilo and Stitch

David is a surfer in Lilo and Stitch. He is the boyfriend of Nani, Lilo’s older sister and gets on well with both Lilo and Stitch. 

David Q. Dawson from The Great Mouse Detective

David Q. Dawson is the mouse equivalent of Dr Watson to Basil’s Sherlock in The Great Mouse Detective. He meets Olivia after her father has been kidnapped and agrees to help her.

Deanna from Wreck-it Ralph

Deanna is a Disney character that begins with D in the movie Wreck-it Ralph. She is one of the Nicelanders in the game Fix-It Felix Jr.

Deb from Finding Nemo

Deb is a fish that lives in the fish tank in the dentist’s office in Finding Nemo. She thinks her reflection is her twin sister and escapes the tank along with Nemo and the others.  

DeSoto from Oliver and Company

DeSoto is one of two Dobermans belonging to the villain Bill Sykes in the animated movie Oliver and Company.  DeSoto attempts to kill Oliver after the death of his friend Roscoe.

Destiny from Finding Dory

Destiny is a clumsy whale shark with poor eyesight. She lives in the Marine Life Institute where she is reunited with Dory who she had known as a child. 

Dewdrop from Onward

Dewdrop is the leader of a gang of motorcycle fairies called the Pixie Dusters in the movie Onward. 

Dez from Soul

Dez is a minor Disney Pixar character that starts with D. He is a barber who likes to listen to Joe talk about jazz in the movie Soul. 

Diablo from Sleeping Beauty

Diablo is Maleficent’s pet raven in the 1959 movie Sleeping Beauty. Diablo is able to help Maleficent with her evil plans but ends up being turned to stone.

Diaz from Lightyear

Diaz is one of the astronauts marooned on a hostile planet far from Earth in the movie Lightyear. He helps Buzz to travel across space and across time.

Digger from The Rescuers

Digger is a mole who lives with the Swamp Folk in the animated adventure film The Rescuers. He helps Bernard and Bianca to recuse Penny. 

Dim from A Bug’s Life

Dim is a rhinoceros beetle who is part of a circus troupe in the Pixar movie A Bug’s Life. He helps the Queen and Dot hide from the grasshopper Thumper.

Dinah from Alice in Wonderland

Dinah is Alice’s pet kitten, she chases the White Rabbit with Alice but is left behind when Alice falls down the hole.

Lord Dingwall from Brave

Lord Dingwall is a Scottish Lord who presents his son Wee as a suitor for Princess Merida in the movie Brave.

Dinky from The Fox and the Hound

Dinky is a sparrow who is best friends with the woodpecker Boomer in the animated movie The Fox and the Hound.

Disgust from Inside Out

Disgust is a Disney Pixar character beginning with D who is one of the five emotions that live inside Riley in the movie Inside Out. 

Djali from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Djali is a naughty goat in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He accompanies Esmerelda and often tries to protect her.

Django from Ratatouille

Django is the father of Remy and Emile, he assigns Remy to sniff out rat poison on account of his talent for food and smells.  

Doc from Snow White

Doc is the leader of the seven dwarves who take in Snow White. He is responsible for timekeeping and is considered to be the most intelligent of the group.

Doc Hudson from Cars

Doc Hudson is a dark blue 1951 Hudson Hornet who was once a winning race car but is now the traffic court judge in the movie Cars.

Dodger from Oliver and Company

Based on the Artful Dodger, this dog is the leader of Fagin’s gang. He teaches Oliver about life on the streets and cares for the young cat.

Dolores from Encanto

Dolores is the eldest child of Pepa and Felix in the movie Encanto. She has the gift of enhanced hearing which often means that she hears things that she shouldn’t.

Donald Duck from Saludos Amigos / The Three Caballeros / Fun and Fancy Free / Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas / Fantasia 2000 / The Three Musketeers

The most iconic Disney character beginning with D is Donald Duck. He first appeared as a friend of Mickey Mouse in 1934. He is greedy with a hot temper and often experiences bad luck.  He has starred in 190 films, the most of any Disney character.

Dopey from Snow White

Dopey is one of the seven dwarves that Snow White stays with. He is the youngest and silliest of the dwarves but does not speak.

Dory from Finding Nemo/ Finding Dory

Dory is a blue tang fish with a very short memory who stars in Finding Nemo and the sequel Funding Dory.  She is friendly and sociable and joins Marlin to help him find his son Nemo.

Dot from A Bug’s Life

Dot is a small female bug who appears in A Bug’s Life. She is not allowed to fly as her wings are not yet big enough. Despite being small she stands up to the grasshoppers.

Duchess from The Aristocats

Duchess is an elegant white cat who has three kittens Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse who she teaches to play music. Duchess’s owner leaves her fortune to Duchess but the cat is drugged and kicked out of her home. 

Ducky from Toy Story 4

Ducky is a fluffy yellow duck toy that appears in the Disney Pixar sequel Toy Story 4.  He is attached to Bunny, another plush toy.

Duke Caboom from Toy Story 4

Duke Caboom is an action figure in the movie Toy Story 4. He is a 1970s motorcycle rider who has lost his confidence until he meets Bo Peep. 

Duke of Weselton from Frozen

The Duke of Weselton is a money-grabbing Disney character beginning with D. He hopes to take advantage of the young Queen Elsa. When he sees Elsa’s magic powers he fears her and wants to kill her. 

Dumbo from Dumbo

Dumbo is a young elephant born into the circus who is bullied for his small size and giant ears. With the help of some crows and a mouse, Dumbo becomes a flying star of the circus. 

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