37 Disney Characters That Start With B

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You might be struggling to think of Disney characters with names beginning with the letter B, but when you consider all of the Disney and Pixar movies, TV shows and books, there are actually quite a lot!

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I’ve listed them all here for you…

Disney Characters That Start With The Letter B

Bagheera from The Jungle Book

Bagheera is a panther that helps to look after the man-cub Mowgli in the Jungle Book. Bagheera is short-tempered and argues with Baloo but in the end they work together to take Mowgli safely to the village. 

Bailey from Finding Dory

Bailey is a Disney character that starts with B in Finding Dory. He is a beluga whale at the Marine Life Institute who helps Dory to find her parents and then escape into the ocean.

Baloo from The Jungle Book

Baloo is a sloth bear who becomes best friends with the Mowgli in the Jungle Book. He tries to teach Mowgli how to survive in the jungle but eventually takes him to live with humans in the man village. 

Bambi from Bambi

Bambi is one of the most famous Disney characters starting with B. Bambi is a young white-tailed deer who loses his mother before growing up to be the Great Prince.

Banzai from The Lion King

Banzai is one of the hyenas who help Scar to kill King Mufasa in the Lion King. Scar lets them live at Pride Rock but they eventually turn on him. 

Barbie from Toy Story 3

Barbie in Toy Story 3 is a fun-loving party girl who loves clothes and fashion, she initially falls for the villainous Ken, but ends up working with Andy’s toys to save the day.

Bashful from Snow White

Bashful is one of the seven dwarves who look after Snow White when she hides from the evil queen. Bashful is quite shy and self conscious and often blushes and hides behind his beard when Snow White is around. 

Basil from The Great Mouse Detective          

Basil is The Great Mouse Detective. He is based upon Sherlock Holmes and must face his arch-nemesis Professor Ratigan to save the Queen.

Baymax from Big Hero 6

Baymax is a Disney character beginning with B who is part of the superhero team in Big Hero 6. He is a healthcare robot programmed to help people, he becomes Hiro’s best friend and gets reprogrammed with superpowers. 

Beast from Beauty and the Beast

Beast was a handsome young prince who was turned into a beast by an enchantress. To break the spell he must love someone selflessly and earn their love in return.

Becky from Finding Dory

Becky is an easily confused, but helpful loon that Marlin and Nemo meet while trying to get into the Marine Life Institute. Becky helps rescue Dory and the other fish from a lorry and finds her own freedom.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Belle is the beautiful, kind, book-loving daughter of an inventor in a French village. She ends up imprisoned by the Beast in his castle but she sees beyond his appearance and they fall in love, breaking the curse. 

Bellwether from Zootopia

Bellwether is a sheep who works as assistant mayor in Zootopia. She seems sweet but in reality, she is the mastermind behind a plan to get prey animals to rise up against predators. 

B.E.N. from Treasure Planet

B.E.N. is the Big Electronic Navigator that piloted Captain Flint’s spaceship before he was stranded on Treasure Planet and reprogrammed to destroy the planet.

Benjamin Clawhauser from Zootopia

Benjamin Clawhauser is a warm hearted Cheetah who works at reception for the Zootopia police department. 

Berlioz from Aristocats

Berlioz is a grey furry kitten who is the youngest son of Duchess in the animated movie The Aristocats. . He is a talented musician who likes to show off by playing the piano. 

Bernard from The Rescuers

Bernard is a mouse who is a Disney character that begins with B in The Rescuers. He is a janitor who helps Miss Bianca in her adventures.

Bernie Kropp from The Incredibles

Bernie Kropp is a Disney Pixar character that starts with B. He is  Dash’s teacher in The Incredibles. Dash plays lots of pranks on his teacher until Bernie ends up thinking he has magic powers. 

Bianca from The Rescuers

Bianca is a brave and clever mouse in the animated movie The Rescuers. She works as the Hungarian Ambassador for the Rescue Aid Society and is given the task of finding Penny. 

Mr Big from Zootopia

Mr Big is an Arctic Shrew in the movie Zootopia. He is the leader of the Mafia and lives by a strict code of honor despite being ruthless.

Big Daddy from The Princess and the Frog

Big Daddy is a sugar baron who is one of the most powerful men in New Orleans in the movie The Princess and the Frog. He is good friends with Tiana’s mother Eudora and is father figure for Tiana. 

Big Mama from The Fox and the Hound

Big Mama is an owl who befriends Tweed’s pet fox Tod in the animated movie The Fox and The Hound. 

She is surprised when Tod becomes friends with Copper (a dog) and warns him of the dangers of this friendship.

Bill from Alice in Wonderland

Bill is a Disney character that starts with the letter B in Alice in Wonderland. He is a lizard who works as a handyman and is asked to get rid of a monster from the rabbit’s house (it’s Alice). 

Bill Sykes from Oliver and Company

Bill Sykes is a criminal in Oliver and Company. He terrorizes Fagin after lending him some money which forces Fagin to lean on Oliver to help him repay his debt.

Billy from Meet the Robinsons

Billy is the matriarch of the family in Meet the Robinsons. She spends her time controlling a full-sized model train around the Anderson Observatory and uses small trains to pass food around the dinner table.

Billy Bones from Treasure Planet

Billy Bones is a turtle-like humanoid salamander who pilots an alien pirate spaceship in the movie Treasure Planet. He warns Jimmy to be wary of the cyborg but Jimmy doesn’t understand the cryptic message.

Bing Bong from Inside Out

Bing Bong is a Disney Pixar character beginning with B. He is Riley’s imaginary friend who lives inside her mind alongside her emotions. As she grows older Bing Bong eventually fades from memory.

Bloat from Finding Nemo

Bloat is a porcupine pufferfish in the animated film Finding Nemo. Bloat lives in the fish tank at the dentist’s office. He is welcoming to new fish but blows up when he gets upset and needs the others to calm him down.  

Blue Fairy from Pinocchio

The Blue Fairy is the one who grants Geppetto’s wish and brings Pinocchio to life. She helps Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket on their adventures as they try to turn Pinocchio into a real boy.

Bob Parr from The Incredibles

Bob Parr is better known by his secret identity, Mr Incredible.  He is physically invulnerable and obsessed with saving the world (even doing it in secret without telling his family). He thinks that he can do it all on his own, which puts him, his family, and the world in danger.

Bogo from Zootopia

Chief Bogo is a Cape buffalo who is the head of the Zootopia police department. He is initially reluctant to have rabbit Judy as part of his team and tries to sabotage her work. 

Bolt from Bolt

Bolt is a white German Shepherd who is the star of his own TV show where he is a live-action superhero. Bolt believes that his powers are real but when he is separated from his owner Penny he must learn to survive as a normal dog.  

Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles

Bomb Voyage is a minor villain who is a Disney Pixar character beginning with B. His real name is Remy Bot Mot, but he gets his super villain name from his use of bombs in his crimes. 

Bonnie from Toy Story 4

Bonnie is a young girl who becomes the owner of most of Andy’s toys in Toy Story 4. She finds Woody at the daycare center where her mother works and Woody gets Andy to donate most of his old toys to Bonnie.

Boo from Monsters Inc.

Boo is a toddler who follows the monster Sully through her closet and into monster land. Mike and Sulley work to protect her and send her home. They also learn that laughter is more powerful than screams.  

Bruno Madrigal from Encanto

We don’t talk about Bruno who is the youngest child of Alma and Pedro. He has the gift of seeing the future. He foresees a disaster and leaves the family home becoming estranged from his family who no longer mention him.  

Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear is one of the best known Disney Pixar characters that begin with B. He is a space adventurer action figure who is given to Andy as a birthday present in the original Toy Story. He initially thinks he is a real spaceman rather than a toy but soon becomes firm friends with Woody and the other toys.

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