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Win a cruise!

I was lucky enough to win not one but TWO cruises, in just three days! I couldn’t believe my luck and since then I’ve decided to enter every cruise competition I can find on the internet. I decided to create this list of every online cruise competition to make it easier for others to find…

By Cruise Mummy 27th November 2020 6

Can you take drinks on a cruise ship?

If you’re cruising on a budget, you might be wondering whether you can take your own drinks on a cruise. Whilst bar prices on board many ships are similar to your local pub back home, some cruise ships do charge a little more – particularly if exchange rates aren’t in your favour and you’re charged…

By Cruise Mummy 13th November 2020 0

How much do cruise ship workers make?

Have you ever wondered how much cruise ship employees make? Perhaps you’ve noticed that many cruise ship waiters originate from countries like India and the Philippines where wages are lower? Or maybe you’ve seen that the cruise director always looks happy and are wondering how much he must be making to have such a big…

By Cruise Mummy 4th November 2020 0