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Win a Cruise! (Updated August 2020)

I was lucky enough to win not one but TWO cruises, in just three days! I couldn’t believe my luck and since then I’ve decided to enter every cruise competition I can find on the internet. I decided to create this list of every online cruise competition to make it easier for others to find…

By Cruise Mummy 1st August 2020 6

Baby cruise packing list

Are you wondering what to pack for a baby on a cruise? I’ve cruised with babies and toddlers and know the perils of both overpacking and underpacking! That’s why I’ve created this baby cruise packing list – so you know exactly what to pack for your family cruise, and what to leave at home. For…

By Cruise Mummy 27th June 2020 0

Cruise myths debunked

The cruise industry is often misunderstood. People who have never taken a cruise may believe all kinds of crazy myths about what life’s like on a cruise ship. Even those who have cruised before may be surprised to learn that some of these cruise facts are actually not based on truth at all. Read on…

By Cruise Mummy 15th May 2020 0