Jewel of the Seas

Cruise Abbreviations and Acronyms Explained

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re reading something that uses abbreviations or acronyms that aren’t explained, and you don’t understand what they’re talking about? While they can be really handy for …

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cruise ship morgue

Do Cruise Ships Have Morgues?

While nobody wants to think about dying on vacation, it is the unfortunate truth that sometimes it happens. There are millions of cruise passengers every year, so it’s sadly inevitable …

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Carnival Splendor Library

Carnival Removes Libraries From Ships

Carnival Cruise Line is starting the process of removing libraries from its cruise ships. The cruise line is no longer building libraries on any new ships built, and ships with …

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cruise ship crew

How Much Do Cruise Ship Workers Make?

Have you ever wondered how much cruise ship employees make? Perhaps you’ve noticed that many cruise ship waiters originate from countries like India and the Philippines where wages are lower? …

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Carnival Cruise Line Towel Animal

Carnival Denies Abandoning Towel Animals

Carnival Cruise Line has been forced to release a statement denying rumours that the cruise line will no longer be making towel animals in guests’ cabins. The rumour was driven …

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Carnival Sunrise

Carnival Air-Con Failure Leads To Refunds

Some guests on the Carnival Sunrise cruise ship have been issued partial refunds of their cruise fare, following a failure of the air conditioning systems onboard. The cruise line has …

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Carnival Panorama Aerial Photo

Cruiser Complains Over Trivia Cheats

A Carnival Cruise Line customer has complained to Brand Ambassador John Heald about the number of guests cheating on the onboard trivia games. Many cruises host trivia games during regular …

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