5 Reasons To Consider A Cruise With Marella (According to Paul & Carole)

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This is a guest post by Paul and Carole from paulandcarolelovetotravel.com

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Carole and Paul

Marella Cruises are a cruise company that is very popular with the British public. In our 19 cruises so far, five of them have been with Marella.

Their fleet of ships from the old-style Celebration and Dream through to the newer Discovery 1 & 2  and Explorer 1 & 2 all offer a great experience. The itineraries currently through Europe and Asia are being expanded from next year to the USA which is very exciting.

If you haven’t heard of them or want to know more about this cruise company then here are our 5 reasons why we keep going back. 

1. Marella cruises are all-inclusive

All Marella cruises are all-inclusive so there are no unwanted financial surprises at the end of your holiday. The choice available on the all-inclusive standard bar menu is extensive with lots of top named beers and spirits available at no extra cost. There is also a  good choice of cocktails, mocktails, juices and wines plus a small selection of speciality coffees. However, if your favourite tipple isn’t covered you can pay an extra premium per drink, or go premium all-inclusive for just £50 per person per week. In comparison to other cruise lines, this is great value!

chocolate eclair
Chocolate eclair

2. Marella cruises have no set dining times

We love the option of anytime dining because of the extra freedom it gives us, Carole loves a good sunset and more often than not we miss them as we are at dinner, If there’s an event we particularly want to go to we can plan our dinner around this too. 

We always ensure that we have a walk around the restaurant when it is closed and pick a few tables that we would prefer to sit at. We make a note and then when we go to the restaurant we ask for these particular tables and if it’s none of them are free you are given a pager to let you know when they are. We like this option as it also gives you the opportunity to get to know your waiters which we believe enhances the overall experience.

Paul with restaurant bleeper

3. Marella cruises offer adults-only cruise options

It’s not that we don’t like children. In fact, we used to be children ourselves, but now that Lucas is all grown up we just prefer this option when it is available.

Marella has an adults-only cruise ship, the Marella Explorer 2, however, there are options of adults-only cruises on the other ships in the fleet.


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4. Marella cruises entertainment is the best

In our opinion, the entertainment on Marella is second to none. In our five Marella cruises, we have always been impressed. They may not have the big budgets of some of the cruise lines out there, but they certainly make the most of what they’ve got. From West End-type shows to guest artists, there is a different show every night. The resident bands, musicians and hosts are excellent, from game shows and quizzes to party nights and passion for dance. Marella really has got something for everybody.

Marella radio gaga
Radio Gaga musical

5. Marella cruises are relaxed and informal

One of the most contentious subjects on the majority of cruise sites we follow is dress codes. On Marella, there is a very relaxed attitude. No strict dress codes and casual attire is all you need. However. there is a dress to impress night once a week on all of their cruises so if you like to dress up there is that option too.

Marella cruises video

Paul and Carole have also made a video about five things they love about Marella cruises, as well as one thing that they don’t! Take a look…

If you’d like to know more about Marella cruises, check out Paul and Carole’s Marella cruises review blogs and videos.

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Consider A Cruise With Marella (According to Paul & Carole)”

  1. Well this is good to hear as we have just booked our first ever Marella cruise on Marella Explorer later this month.

    Having been extremely disappointed previously on Thompson cruises we were a bit reluctant to try them. But reviews indicate that things have improved on these newer ships so fingers crossed.

    • I’ll be keen to hear about your cruise Kathy. Have a great time! Jenni

      • Totally agree Marella Cruises are excellent
        Had 14 nights on Discovery September 2019 out of Corfu
        Great food
        Great entertainment the piano player in the bar nicknamed Elton John had to be dragged off by the entertainments manager one night at 1-30 in the morning he just didn’t want to stop, great night.
        Great casino staff really fun and friendly not like some other cruise lines unfortunately casino a bit small though got very cosy
        Really laid back atmosphere
        If you are thinking of going on a Marella cruise BOOK IT

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