11 best cruise Instagram accounts to follow in 2019

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For anyone who simply cannot wait until their next cruise (I think that’s all of us, right?), Instagram offers an easy way for cruise addicts to get their fix of stunning ships and dazzling destinations.

More and more cruise-related Instagram accounts are popping up every day, showcasing the best ships, destinations, food, drinks and cruise fashion. Want to add a little more cruise to your Insta feed? I’ve rounded up what I believe are the very best cruise Instagram accounts to follow in 2019.

1. captainkatemccue

Captain Kate McCue is not only a cruise ship captain, but she’s also the first American woman to ever be in command of a mega-ship. She’s currently at the helm of Celebrity Edge, along with her hairless Sphynx cat, @bugnaked, who also has her own Instagram account.

2. sydneybrown_xo

Sydney Brown is a gymnast with Royal Caribbean. With an audience of 163k followers, her account showcases stunning destinations as well as amazing gymnastic feats – often both together!

3. emmacruises

Emma is the founder of the ‘Cruising Isn’t Just For Old People’ community and has a fantastic blog, YouTube channel and Facebook group which aim to dispel any myths about cruising.

4. nocruisecontrol85

Lois is a Welsh Londoner who has been on a whopping 20 cruises with P&O Cruises, although she has recently started branching out into other cruise lines.

5. seasparkxfly

UK cruise and travel blogger, Marcus, has an Instagram grid has a stunning colour scheme. I love the shots he gets with his lens ball.

6. cruiseshiplove

CruiseShipLove has been on 16 cruises in 7 years. As well as being gorgeous and rocking some stunning formalwear, she takes some fantastic photos of life on board.

7. cruiselifematt

Matt is an accountant who has managed to make time to sail on 48 cruises. He takes fantastic aerial photos with his drone and whilst on-board he posts stories which give me massive cruise-envy! Matt also has a cruise blog where he reviews each of his cruises.

8. cruisedaily

Cruisedaily is the largest cruise account on Instagram with 173k followers as of August 2019. This is a repost account which showcases the best cruise ship photos on Instagram. As the name suggests, Cruisedaily posts every day. I always look at the account which is tagged as owning the photo – its a great way to find the best new cruise accounts to follow.

9. 4martymcfly

I love drone photos and 4martymcfly’s account has some brilliant aerial shots of ships, as well as Miami’s beautiful beaches and high-rise buildings.

10. cruisewith

Ben and David are film-makers with a brilliant YouTube channel where they vlog their cruises and ship tours. They have a pretty cool Insta too – showing their best photos taken on board.

11. drone_aperture

Stephen takes really stunning photos with his drone – not just of cruise ships, but also of container ships, landscapes and, interestingly, crop circles.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of the best cruise-related accounts on Instagram and that you’ve found some cool new people to follow.

Who else would you add to this list? If you know of any other great cruise-related Instagram accounts, either your own or one that you follow, then please add a link in the comments below.

And if you have time to follow one more, here’s mine…


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